Rosemary A. Roberts
Bowdoin College

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 4, Number 1 (Winter 1998)

As I begin my term as chair of the section, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have worked so hard to create this newsletter for us. Carol Blumberg, Joan Garfield, and Tom Moore have been the joint editors of the newsletter now for three years. They have seen it off to a great start, and have taken reader comments to heart to make changes so that the newsletter better serves our diverse readership. My thanks to all of you for this service to our section. As of this issue we welcome Terry King to the editorial staff as our new "lead" editor. Terry will be working with Carol, Tom, and Joan to keep you informed of section news.

In this issue, Jerry Moreno, our 1998 Program Chair, highlights some of the Statistical Education sessions planned for the 1998 Joint Statistical Meetings in Dallas. Brad Hartlaub, the 1998 Program Chair-Elect, is currently soliciting ideas for Roundtable Discussions for these meetings. If you would like to lead a roundtable discussion, contact Brad at Brad will also be organizing our invited paper sessions for the 1999 meetings. If you have ideas for these, or would like to organize a special contributed paper session for those meetings, get in touch with Brad - before the Dallas meetings.

Last year, Jackie Dietz, our section chair, did an exceptional job of soliciting articles to fill our column in Amstat News. This is an opportunity for us to make the broader membership of ASA aware of initiatives in statistics education. I encourage you to let me know of articles that you think should appear in the Amstat News column. If you would like to write an article, I would be delighted!

STATS magazine is the ASA's magazine designed for students. It also is part of the "package" of journals that is a part of the new ASA membership for high schools. Does your department subscribe to STATS? If not, perhaps you should consider subscribing. If you would like to examine the magazine before subscribing, you may ask for a copy of a previous issue from the ASA's Publications Department.

Finally, last year the first Advanced Placement Statistics exam was offered. 7600 students wrote this exam - more than twice the number expected - and 56 college and high school teachers spent a week grading the exam. I was one of them, and while I will never say that grading is fun, this was both an interesting and stimulating experience. Above all, it was an opportunity to spend a wonderful week with others who teach statistics and care about statistics education. The Reading this year will be in Lincoln, Nebraska from June 2 to 8. ETS pays all expenses plus an honorarium. If you are interested, you can apply to be a "faculty consultant" through the College Board's web page.

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