Terry King
Northwest Missouri State University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 4, Number 2 (Summer 1998)

Christine E. McLaren, Editor of STATS, called the spring issue of STATS to my attention. This issue is devoted to statistical education, and is one that members of our Section will not want to miss. Today, some statistical knowledge is regarded by many as a necessary part of the education of our population. The articles here highlight some of the activities that our profession is currently conducting.

In "Public Statistics Day: A Worthwhile Experience," Roxy Peck points out that hands-on interactive activities for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school students can make learning about statistics fun. Richard Scheaffer in "Making the Grade. - AP Statistics, 1997" discusses how statistics has established a place in the Advanced Placement offerings for secondary students. The higher education students (and their faculty) will want to read the article about the College Bowl. ("Iowa Roars to the 1997 College Bowl Crown," by Edwards and Payton). For a view of statistical internships, see what Heffelfinger, Phillips, and Wigg have to share with us.

In another article, Jane Booker, Los Alamos National Laboratory, describes the exciting scientific/engineering environment at a research and development institution.

"What am I going to do after I graduate?" To help answer this question, Dr. STATS leads a panel on statisticians employed in industry, academia, and government. The article contains many helpful hints to help one prepare for a successful job search. Of course, on the lighter side, I will look forward to Mark Glickman's "Outlier...s"

From early childhood education to graduate school to internships to the workplace environment, the Spring issue of STATS has something for everyone. I am sure that I am not alone in anticipating its arrival of this.

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