Ron Wasserstein
Washburn University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 4, Number 2 (Summer 1998)

Ann Watkins is the winner of the 1997 Best Contributed Paper Award for the Section on Statistical Education. Dr. Watkins, a professor in the Department of Mathematics at California State University-Northridge, received the highest overall audience evaluation for her presentation entitled "Activity-Based Statistics." A plaque recognizing her achievement will be presented at the Business Meeting of the Section on Statistical Education in Dallas this August.

For many years, audiences at contributed paper sessions of the Section on Statistical Education have been providing feedback to presenters. The goal of the evaluations and of the award is to encourage high quality contributed paper presentations. Winners since 1988 (and their affiliations at the time) include:

1996Robin Lock, St. Lawrence University
1995W. Robert Stephenson, Iowa State University
1994Terrance P. Callanan, Eastman Kodak Co.
1993Edward R. Mansfield, University of Alabama
1992G. Rex Bryce, Brigham Young University
1991Edward R. Mansfield, M.D. Conerly and
Benjamin M. Adams, University of Alabama
1990Michael N. Boyd, Pharmaceutical Research Associates
1989Edward R. Mansfield, University of Alabama
1988Robert L. Mason, Southwest Research Institute and
Richard F. Gunst, Southern Methodist University

Forty papers were evaluated at the Anaheim meetings. To be eligible for the award, a paper must be evaluated by at least 15 people. The Section is grateful to the numerous audience members who took the time to fill out the evaluation form, and to the session chairs who distributed and collected the forms. Presenters receive a summary of the evaluations for their session and some brief statistics for comparison.

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