E. Jacquelin Dietz
Department of Statistics
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Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 5, Number 1 (Winter 1999)

Paul F. Velleman was honored at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Dallas as the 1998 Educom Medal Award winner for the American Statistical Association. A silver medal, a bronze desk statue, and a cash award were presented to Velleman on October 15, 1998, at the EDUCOM '98 annual conference in Orlando, Florida. More information about the Educom Medal Awards Program and the 1998 winners can be found at

The Educom Medal Awards Program is designed to recognize contributors to innovative uses of technology in education. The ASA was chosen as one of five partner societies that each selected a medal winner for 1998. The Section on Statistical Education led the selection process for the ASA; selection committee members were Carol Blumberg, Jackie Dietz, Tom Moore, Bill Notz, Rosemary Roberts, and Allan Rossman.

Velleman is the designer and author of ActivStats, a multimedia learning environment that provides a statistics course and supporting statistical software on a CD-ROM. In addition, Velleman is the designer and original developer of DataDesk, a statistics program for data exploration, graphics, and analysis that is widely used in teaching statistics. He is also the principal investigator and designer of the Data and Story Library (DASL, pronounced "dazzle"), a free on-line archive of over 120 datasets and stories about those data, designed for use in teaching.

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