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Volume 5 Number 1:
  • Message from the Section Chair
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  • "Interview with E. Jacquelin Dietz" by Sherry Wasserstein
  • "Best Contributed Paper Award" by Ron Wasserstein
  • "JSE is now an ASA Publication"
  • "AP Statistics, 1998" by Richard L. Scheaffer
  • "Paul Velleman Received the 1998 EDUCOM Medal" by E. Jacquelin Dietz
  • "International Research Forum on Statistical Reasoning, Thinking, and Literacy (SRTL)"
  • "IASE Round Table Conference in Tokyo, 2000"
  • "ICOTS-5" by Brian Phillips
  • "Ten Websites Every Statistics Instructor Should Bookmark" by Robin Lock
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  • Attention K-12 School Members
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