Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 5, Number 1 (Winter 1999)

Since 1968, a number of Round Table Conferences have been organised on statistical educational topics, initially by the Education Committee of the International Statistical Institute and, since 1988, by IASE (the International Association for Statistical Education). It has been usual for these conferences to be held as satellite meetings to each ICME (International Congress on Mathematics Education).

2000 will be the year of the IASE Round Table in Japan on the topic: Training Researchers in the Use of Statistics. This meeting will be held at the Meiji University, which is located in the central area of Tokyo, before or after the International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME 9). The goal of the Round Table Conferences is to bring together a small number of experts, representing as many different countries as possible, to provide opportunities for developing better mutual understanding of common problems, and for making recommendations concerning the topic area under discussion. A main outcome is a monograph containing a set of refereed papers, which presents a global overview of the conference subject. The following are possible topics and issues to be discussed at the Round Table Conference:

  1. Statistical competencies that researchers in different disciplines should acquire in their postgraduate training
  2. Needs and problems in the statistical training of researchers in specific fields
  3. Main learning problems, misconceptions and errors concerning advanced statistical concepts and procedures
  4. Design/evaluation of courses for training researchers in statistical topics
  5. Effects of technology on the statistical training of researchers
  6. Assessing/ identifying frequent errors in the use of statistics by researchers
  7. Researchers' attitudes towards statistics and its effect on the role of data analysis in experimental research
  8. Consultation as a teaching/learning process
  9. Informal statistical learning from reading research literature.
More information can be obtained from the web pages http://www.stat.ncsu.edu/info/iase/ and http://www.ugr.es/~batanero/iasert.htm or from

Carmen Batanero
Departamento Didáctica de la Matemática
Facultad de Educación
Campus de Cartuja, 18071
Granada, Spain
E-mail: batanero@goliat.ugr.es

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