Christine E. McLaren
University of California, Irvine

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 5, Number 2 (Summer 1999)

Now is the time to finalize your plans for Baltimore! Brad Hartlaub, our 1999 Program Chair, has organized a superb program for our section. Scheduled throughout the meeting are invited paper sessions, special contributed sessions, regular contributed sessions, and contributed posters. In addition there are ten roundtable discussions organized by Tom Short, our 2000 Program Chair. For these roundtables, you'll have a chance to eat lunch with expert discussion leaders. And you'll be able to talk to other statisticians who share an interest in your chosen topic. General themes that will be featured throughout the program include statistical literacy, introductory statistics courses, mathematics education reform, AP statistics, outreach projects, and multimedia resources. Details about these sessions can be found in Brad's article in this newsletter. Many thanks to Brad and Tom for their hard work in organizing this year's program.

We hope to see you at the annual Business Meeting, Wednesday, August 11, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Please consult your JSM 99 program for the meeting place. We've planned a business meeting and a mixer. You’ll have a chance to meet other section members and to contribute to the business topics.

Our newsletter editors have packed this issue with information about conferences, seminars, and workshops. Dave Fluharty describes the successful conference on "Statistical Education, Mathematics Standards, and the Meaning of Statistics" held in April at Wayne State University. An impressive list of speakers addressed a broad spectrum of topics, including the role of statistics in the K-12 curriculum, revised NCTM Standards for Statistics, and research on student understanding of statistical concepts.

In his report on the 77th Annual Meeting of NCTM, Dick Scheaffer notes that the sessions reflected a strong emphasis on statistics and probability. Some sessions and several day-long workshops concentrated on AP Statistics. Clearly this recent initiative has been a popular one with students. Over 15,000 students took the exam in 1998 and 23,000 are expected to take it this year. In her article, "Take a local AP Statistics Teacher to Lunch", Roxy Peck encourages us to support teachers of AP Statistics.

I'll see you in Baltimore!

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