Mayo Clinic Highlights Fall Meeting for Isolated Statisticians

Gwen Applebaugh

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 6, Number 1 (Winter 2000)

On October 1, 1999 the Isolated Statisticians enjoyed an excellent tour of various departments related to record keeping at the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, Minnesota. It was explained that detailed medical records are kept on every patient. Data from these records may be used in medical studies. Maintaining and keeping all the records up to data are major components to this major medical research facility. On Saturday October 2, other colleagues joined the group to hear a presentation from Dr. Michael O'Fallon of the Mayo Clinic. He explained the details of a medical research project he had been involved with, including media reactions, legal implications, and statistical issues.

Tentative plans are being made to meet again in the Fall 2000, perhaps in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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