Statistics Education Presentations at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

Carol Joyce Blumberg
Winona State University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 6, Number 2 (Summer 2000)

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) has approximately 22,000 members and is "concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results" (quoted from AERA webpage at It is made up of 11 main divisions (one of which is Division D-Measurement and Research Methodology). Parallel to the divisions are almost 200 Special Interest Groups (SIGs), one of which is the SIG-Educational Statisticians. The purpose of the SIG-Educational Statisticians is to increase interaction among educational researchers interested in the theory, applications, and teaching of statistics in the social sciences.

This year I had the honor of serving as the Program Chair for the SIG-Educational Statisticians portion of the AERA Annual Meeting. The meeting itself was held from April 24 to April 28, 2000 in New Orleans, Louisiana and had over 13,000 attendees. SIG-Educational Statisticians, either by itself or jointly with Division D, sponsored 1 invited speaker session, 3 formal paper presentation sessions on educational statistics, 1 formal paper presentation session on statistics education, 2 symposia on statistics education, 22 roundtables (where a person sits for 40 minutes at a round table that can seat 10 people and discusses his/her paper with individuals that stop by the table) on either educational statistics or statistics education, a business meeting with a Presidential address, and a social hour.

Whether a paper was being given as a formal presentation or as a roundtable, the authors were required to write a paper to be passed out during the session. Below is a list the papers presented in the area of statistics education along with the first author's email address. All authors have agreed to send copies of their papers to interested individuals. Please contact them directly. A complete listing of all of the papers given under the auspices of SIG-Educational Statisticians can be found at Since the person maintaining the webpage is moving institutions, it may occur that the webpage becomes inactive. If this happens, please contact me and I will supply you with a copy of the listing.

The invited presentation was by Roxy Peck (California Polytechnic State University) on Advanced Placement Statistics: The Curriculum, the Examination, and the Grading Process. The discussant for this session was Chandler Pike (Mercer University). Roxy and Chandler prepared a handout that is available from Roxy at

The first symposium "Reconsidering Outcomes of Statistics Courses: Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking" was organized by Joan B. Garfield. The papers in this session were: Statistical Literacy as a Goal of Introductory Statistics Courses by Deborah J. Rumsey, Kansas State University (, The Role of Statistical Reasoning in Learning Statistics by Joan B. Garfield, University of Minnesota ( and What is Statistical Thinking and How Can it Be Developed? by Beth Chance, California Polytechnic State University ( The second symposium "Teaching Multivariate Statistics: Perspectives on Curriculum and Assessment" was organized by Ann O'Connell. The papers in this session were: Curriculum and Sequencing Issues in Multivariate Analysis by Sharon L. Weinberg, New York University (, Approaches to Assessment in Multivariate Analysis by Ann O'Connell, University of Connecticut (, Teaching Advanced Topics in Multivariate Analysis by Jorge L. Mendoza, University of Oklahoma (jmendoza@psycology., and Incorporating Matrix Algebra in Multivariate Analysis Courses: Building on Univariate Prerequisites and Algebraic Competencies by Ron C. Serlin, University of Wisconsin, Madison (

The papers (in alphabetical order by first author's last name) that were given in formal paper sessions or as roundtables are:

Dues for joining the SIG-Educational Statisticians are only $5.00 US per year. If you are already an AERA member, you may join by simply checking off SIG-Educational Statisticians the next time you renew your AERA membership. If you are not an AERA member, you may join by sending US$5.00 either in cash or by check to Janet Holt, Department of Educational Technology, Research, and Assessment, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb IL 60115.

For further information please feel free to contact me at Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Winona State University, Winona MN 55987-5838; phone/voice mail: (507) 457-5589; fax: (507) 457-5376; email:

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