AERA Educational Statisticians Meet in Seattle

Michael A. Seaman
University of South Carolina

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 7, Number 2 (Spring 2001)

The Educational Statisticians Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) is a group of over 200 researchers interested in statistics as applied to educational, behavioral, and social problems. Members of the SIG include statisticians, academics in departments affiliated with education, psychology, or statistics, measurement experts from testing companies, publishing houses, and research organizations, researchers from a variety of educational organizations, and others interested in the promotion of sound statistical practice in education and other settings.

This year the Educational Statisticians SIG sponsored nine sessions as part of the annual meeting of AERA, held from April 10 to 14 in Seattle. Four of the sessions featured short paper presentations highlighting current research in the areas of experimental design, multiple-comparison procedures, equivalency testing, effect size analysis, statistical modeling, factor analysis, survey research, and bootstrapping. Two symposiums offered participants a chance for more in-depth learning and discussion of highlighted topics. One of these symposiums focused on issues in handling missing data in statistical analysis and the other highlighted perspectives on teaching applied statistics. Two roundtable discussion sessions on teaching educational statistics and issues in statistical methodology allowed participants a chance for small-group discussions with the authors of papers. A highlight of the meeting was the invited address given by Erich Lehmann. Professor Lehmann spoke on the topic of nonparametric methods in a presentation titled, "The Assumption of Normality: Should We Trust It? Do We Need It?"

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