Roundtable Luncheons for JSM 2001

John Holcomb
Cleveland State University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 7, Number 2 (Spring 2001)

We are very excited to have 10 Roundtables sponsored by the Section on Statistics Education. The topics run quite a spectrum of interests. Sessions topics include issues on K-12 education, introductory statistics, minor/major curriculums in statistics, training of student interns, world wide web resources, and training the next generation of graduate students. To read more about these sessions, click on holcombj/ and look for the link on JSM 2001 Roundtables.

The titles and organizers (in no particular order) are: Bringing QL into the K-12 Classroom, Lee Abramson, U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; A Simple Approach to Give Beginning Statistics Students the Power to Use Regression/Linear Models, Joe Ward, Health Careers High School; Using Humor in Introductory Statistics, Jackie Miller, Drury University; Developing Statistical Reasoning in the Introductory Statistics Course, Joan Garfield, University of Minnesota; Creating and Sustaining an Undergraduate Statistics Major, Thad Tarpey, Wright State University; Creating and Sustaining an Undergraduate Statistics Minor or Concentration, Brad Hartlaub, Kenyon University; Recruitment, Education, and Utilization of Student Interns in Industry, John Peterson, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, R&D; Making Best Use of the World Wide Web in Statistics Education, Todd Ogden, NYS Psychiatric Institute; Outreach to our High School Teaching Colleagues, Linda Quinn, QED Industries, Inc.; Pursuing a Job in Statistics Education: A Discussion for Graduate Students, Deborah J. Rumsey, The Ohio State University.

Take advantage of exciting discussions with colleagues and experts in Atlanta!

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