Roundtables 2002: Eat, Drink, and Be Informed

André Michelle Lubecke

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 8, Number 2 (Summer 2002)

Those of you who read my article in the March issue of Amstat News know how excited I am about the Roundtable Luncheon topics being offered in New York City. NOW is the time to register for them! I am expecting a number of them to sell out since there are only ten seats at a table and your discussion leader will occupy one of them. Although tickets for luncheons can be bought on site, they cannot be bought after 2pm of the day before the luncheon. If you wait until you get to NYC, it may be too late!

Also, there is something a little different this year about the Roundtable Luncheons for our Section: they do not all occur on the same day! I am hoping this will give those of you who do not stay for the entire meeting an opportunity to attend a luncheon. You'll need to check out the registration web site for more details, but here's a run-down on the leaders and their topics. I've included the registration codes for your convenience.

MON M20 Marjorie E. Bond Getting Students to Read Their Text
  M18 Herbert A. David The History of Statistics in the Classroom
  M21 Christopher J. Lacke Teaching Sampling Distributions in Introductory Undergraduate Statistics: How Can We Get the Point Across?
  M19 Jackie Miller and Kim Robinson A Discussion About Qualitative Research: Where Does Qualitative Research Fit in Our Quantitative World?
TUES T13 Joan Garfield Helping Students Recognize and Understand the Big Ideas in Statistics
  T16 Robin H. Lock Web Portals for Organizing Online Course Materials and Communications
  T15 Deborah Nolan Creating a Good Case Study
  T14 Dex Whittinghill Which Text do I Use for Statistics II?
WED W11 Brad Hartlaub Creating and Sustaining an Undergraduate Statistics Minor or Concentration
  W12 Joan Weinstein Community-based Research Projects

If you attend a luncheon on Tuesday or Wednesday, look for me. I'll be the one flitting from table to table thanking the leaders for their contribution to this year's meetings. Unfortunately, I will be in a 2003 Program Committee meeting during the Monday luncheons.

And speaking of 2003, NOW is the time to start thinking about next year's JSM in San Francisco. YOU could be a luncheon leader then! OR you could suggest an interesting topic and/or leader to next year's luncheon organizer. Also, while you are attending JSM this year (or wishing you were there), jot down ideas for good follow-up sessions. Encourage good speakers/chairs/organizers to organize a session for JSM 2003 and seriously consider doing so yourself around a topic of particular interest to you. Use the NYC meetings to scout out potential speakers, panelists, and/or discussants.

I am counting on you to help me build an excellent program for San Francisco. Feel free to look for me in NYC and chat about possibilities. I will be at the opening reception, at many of the Stat Ed sessions, at the luncheons on Tuesday and Wednesday, and, I can ALWAYS be found at the dance, preferably ON the dance floor.

See you in New York City!

André Michelle Lubecke, 2003 Program Chair

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