Statistics Education Research Journal

Brian Phillips
Swinburne University of Technology

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 8, Number 2 (Summer 2002)

The International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) is pleased to announce that the first issue of its new electronic journal, the Statistics Education Research Journal, will be published in May 2002. This journal, SERJ, replaces the Statistics Education Research Newsletter that began in 2000 under the editorship of Carmen Batanero, and is a natural development of that newsletter, which will no longer be published. Material that formerly appeared in the Newsletter will in the future be incorporated into the Journal.

Initially SERJ will be published twice a year. Carmen Batanero (E-mail: and Flavia Jolliffe (E-mail: are the founding editors. The other members of the editorial board are M Gabriella Ottaviani, Chris Reading, and Chris Wild. Sadly, John Truran, who had agreed to be on the editorial board and contributed a great deal to the early discussion about changing the Newsletter into a Journal, died in December 2001. Carol Blumberg currently has the role of coordinating IASE publications and has also been involved in the development of SERJ.

The journal's aims include the encouragement of research activity in statistics education, the advancement of knowledge about students' attitudes, conceptions, and difficulties as regards stochastic knowledge, and the improvement of the teaching of statistics at all educational levels. The intended readership includes those engaged in statistical education research or in any aspect of statistical education, that is, both researchers and teachers. The first issue includes contributions on experiences in the training of researchers in statistics education, a bibliography on variation, tributes to John Truran, and information about past and forthcoming conferences.

The editorial board encourages the submission of papers and research reports, theoretical or methodological analyses, literature surveys, thematic bibliographies, and summaries of research papers and dissertations of relevance to the journal's aims. Papers giving details of ongoing studies or consisting of reflective thoughts may be submitted, provided that the theoretical framework and, in the case of studies, some preliminary results, are included. Contributions in English are preferred, but contributions in French and Spanish are also acceptable. All the papers will be refereed. Further information and guidelines for authors will be available on the journal web page, which is currently under development. The web address will be announced widely at the earliest opportunity.

It is hoped that SERJ will have the full support of all those concerned with statistical education. It provides a long-needed outlet for statistics education research and is intended to supplement rather than compete with the Journal of Statistics Education and Teaching Statistics.

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