Report to SEN on the TEAMS Conference

Christine Franklin
University of Georgia

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 9, Number 1 (Winter 2003)

The American Statistical Association (ASA), with further sponsorship and organization through the University of Georgia's Department of Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Mathematical Education, College of Education are working as partners to plan the Inaugural Conference on Statistics in Teacher Preparation, which will be held in Fall 2003. This conference is the ASA response to the Mathematics Education of Teachers (MET) report released by CBMS in Fall 2001.This report can be accessed at

A planning meeting was held February 22-24, 2002 at the University of Georgia. This meeting was attended by 25 individuals, representing different organizations and areas of expertise in the arena of statistical education. The 2003 conference goals, content, format, identification of speakers, invitation process for participants and funding possibilities were discussed. A Steering Committee for the conference was put together to carry out the actual organization of the 2003 conference, using the ideas and strategies developed at the planning conference. The Steering Committee consists of

The 2003 conference was named at the planning meeting, "Math/Stat Teacher Education: Assessment, Methods, and Strategies Conference". The conference is being referred to as the Math/Stat TEAMS Conference. The date of the conference is Oct 30 - Nov 2, 2003. The organizers of the 2003 TEAMS Conference are currently seeking funds that will aid teams of educators to attend the conference. The invited teams will ideally consist of a statistician, mathematician, math educator, science and/or social science educator, and curriculum director or instructional leader from a local school district. The conference program will consist of:

The inaugural conference will be targeted for 120 invited participants (institutional team members and handpicked presenters). The team members will be asked to apply for an invitation and must express a strong interest in following through with the goals of the conference. The conference organizers are also seeking funds to provide follow up grant monies that the participants can apply for in establishing programs at their home institutions.

In August 2002, at the Joint Statistical Meetings held in New York City, a session was held entitled, "The CBMS Mathematics Education of Teachers Report and Preparing K-12 Teachers to Deliver Statistical Content". It was chaired by Christine Franklin, with Alan Tucker, Richard Scheaffer, Peter Holmes, and Pat Wilson serving as panelists. Each of these panelists will be a presenter at the inaugural TEAMS conference. Strong support for the TEAMS conference has been shown by attendees at the panel presentation and interest has been expressed in forming teams to attend the conference.

You can read more about the TEAMS conference by visiting the ASA website at: or contact: Christine Franklin, Co-chair, University of Georgia, Department of Statistics, Athens, GA 30602;

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