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Section on Statistical Education

Nathan Tintle
2013 Recipient of the Waller Education Award

Nathan Tintle is an Associate Professor of Statistics at Dordt College. He has led efforts to develop and institutionalize randomization-based curricula at two institutions (Hope College 2005-2011; Dordt 2011-present), and currently leads a group of 7 authors developing a randomization-based textbook for the algebra-based introductory statistics course (Introduction to Statistical Investigations). He has been an invited statistics education panelist at national meetings, was recently elected to the Executive Committee of the ASA's Section on Statistical Education, and serves on a national advisory committee to the ASA President on training the next generation of statisticians. He has co-authored two articles on student learning using the randomization curriculum, one of which was named the 2011 Jacqueline Dietz Best Paper of the Year in Journal of Statistics Education: Journal of Statistics Education Volume 19, Number 1 (2011). In addition to his efforts focused on the first and second courses in statistics, he is supported by numerous grants for his methodological and applied research in statistical genetics and has mentored over 50 undergraduates in research projects and most of these projects have led to peer-reviewed publications. More information about Dr. Tintleís summer research program can be found at Undergraduate Research Program at Dordt College. Dr. Tintle received his bachelorís degree in Mathematics from University at Albany-New York and his Ph.D. in Statistics from Stony Brook University.

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