2005 JSM Section Business Meeting Minutes

Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security Business Meeting
Joint Statistical Meetings, Minneapolis, MN
0730 August 9, 2005

Attendance: David Banks, Ron Fricker, Wendy Martinez, David Olwell, Nancy Spruill, Alyson Wilson, Howard Burkom, Steve Eick, Colin Goodall, Alan Karr, Myron Katzoff, Eizabeth Leeds Hohman, David Marchette, Ed Melnick, Al Ozonoff, Brent Pulsipher, John Rigsby, Michael Schuckers, Lara Schmidt, Jeff Solka

  1. Welcome of New Officers. The section's new officers for 2006 are Alyson Wilson (chair-elect) and Lara Schmidt (program chair-elect).
  2. Funding Status. Our current balance is $760.28. For 2006, we expect about $400 from membership dues. Our expected expenditures are executive committee conference calls ($75), JSM round table luncheon speaker fees ($70), student paper award ($250), and student paper award plaque ($60). Ron Fricker and Alyson Wilson will be finalizing
    the budget by September 30, so please contact them with any comments or suggestions.
  3. Membership count. We currently have 244 members.
  4. JSM 2005 and 2006. Thanks to Wendy Martinez for organizing the SDNS program for JSM 2005. Please be in touch with her for ideas for short courses, round tables, and topic contributed sessions for JSM 2006.
  5. Section Logo. Wendy Martinez and Alyson Wilson will be exploring the development of a section logo. Please be in touch if you have ideas.
  6. Upcoming Meetings. There are two upcoming meetings that may be of interest to section members: Army Conference on Applied Statistics (www.galaxy.gmu.edu/ACAS/), 19-21 October 2005, Monterrey, CA; First Annual Conference on Quantitative Methods and Statistical Applications in Defense and National Security (www.rand.org/events/nsm2006.html), 15-16 February 2006, Santa Monica, CA.
  7. The SAMSI year-long program on defense and security starts on September 11; people can find out more at www.samsi.info. Many of the section members are involved already.
  8. Per the section charter, Ron Fricker is organizing a committee to nominate fellows from the section. The section had three fellows elected this year: Bonnie Ray, David Marchette, and Joanne Wendelberger.
  9. No papers were submitted to the student paper competition this year. We will publicize the competition again this year and revisit the value of continuing the competition at the section business meeting next year.
  10. Sallie Keller-McNulty, ASA chair-elect, visited to discuss her focus on defense and security during her presidential year. She will be forming a task force, chaired by Alyson Wilson, to make specific recommendations about actions she and ASA can take to better engage the defense and security communities.
  11. Please send Alyson Wilson any links for the section web site.
  12. The nominating committee for the section is Nancy Spruill, Ron Fricker, Alyson Wilson, and Dave Olwell. The deadline for nominations is November 1. The following offices will be available:

    Chair-Elect: 1 year/chair-elect in 2007; chair in 2008
    Program Chair-Elect: 1 year/chair-elect in 2007; chair in 2008
    Secretary/Treasurer: 2 year term (2007-2008)
    Publications Officer: 2 year term (2007-2008)
    Council of Section Representative: 3 year term (2007-2009)


  13. Since Alyson Wilson was elected chair-elect, the remaining year of her term will be filled by appointment of the chair and confirmation of the executive committee.
  14. Anyone who participated in the Workshop on Statistics and Counterterrorism at NYU is eligible to publish their papers in the Risk Section proceedings. Contact David Banks for more information.