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The inaugural edition of the SDNS Newsletter (summer 2010) is now available! Please check out this quick but informative read. I hope you find something inspiring!

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We congratulate Carey E. Priebe on receiving the 2010
SDNS Distinguished Achievement Award.

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Speakers Program

In 2008-2009, initial funding for the SDNS Speakers Program was provided through an ASA Member Initiative to sponsor three talks. Shane Reese (Brigham Young University) spoke at Iowa State University (ISU) on “An Adaptive Design Approach to Testing Chemical and Biological Threat Detection.” Dr. Reese proposed a flexible class of models and an adaptive design approach to better assess chemical and biological threat detection systems. While visiting ISU, Dr. Reese also guest-lectured in ISU’s graduate Bayesian Analysis course, discussing some of his research on Bayesian inference in hierarchical models.

Alyson Wilson (Iowa State University) spoke at Texas A&M University (TAMU) on “Statistical Challenges from Science-Based Stockpile Stewardship.” Dr. Wilson discussed the use of Bayesian networks in system reliability assessment and the development of reliability assurance test plans. Her lecture was also recorded to be used as part of TAMU’s online learning seminar series.

David Marchette (Naval Surface Warfare Center and Johns Hopkins University) spoke at Nova Southeastern University on “Statistical Methods for Computer Intrusion Detection.” Dr. Marchette spoke on a number of statistical methodologies for computer intrusion detection and proposed a framework that incorporates everything from the analysis of raw packet flows to the analysis of user behavior. His talk was included as part of Nova Southeastern’s Math Awareness Month.

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