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 Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security

Reviewers for Defense Related Publications and Proposals

If you would be willing to serve as a peer-reviewer for defense-related publications, proposals, etc., please contact the Mike Porter to have your name added to the list.

Howard Burkom
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Space-time cluster detection of chronic or infectious disease, application of univariate or multivariate methods of statistical process control for biosurveillance, frequentist or Bayesian methods of data classification, statistical decision support tools

Michael Deaton (
James Madison University
Experimental design, data visualization, empirical modeling for air-borne agents, dynamic modeling of environmental systems, emergency response decision support

Ron Fricker (
Naval Postgraduate School
Statistical process control (SPC) and quality control, statistical methods for biosurveillance, survey research methods, including instrument and sample design and analysis, military personnel issues, including manpower modeling, recruiting and retention, warfare modeling, inventory theory and logistics

Arthur Fries (
Institute for Defense Analyses
Operational test & evaluation of defense systems (experimental design, reliability, reliability growth modeling), modeling & simulation (validation methodologies), counter-terrorism (deterrence analyses), counter-drug (interdiction analyses)

Patricia Jacobs (
Naval Postgraduate School
Stochastic modeling in defense and homeland security

Joseph Horowitz (
University of Massachusetts
Stochastic processes, mathematical/statistical modeling, decision analysis, risk analysis, applications of statistics in medicine

Michael Last (
University of California, Davis
Screening designs of experiment, time series/signal processing, machine learning

I-Li Lu (
The Boeing Company
Reliability methods and analysis, statistical inference, probability models, multivariate statistical data analysis, time series analysis, classification in statistics, information retrieval, structural equation models

Yolanda Munoz Maldonado (
University of Texas-Houston, School of Public Health
Linear modeling, functional data analysis, nonparametric regression, Kalman filtering

Wendy Martinez (
Information fusion, computational statistics, exploratory data analysis

Susan Martonosi (
Harvey Mudd College
Operations research models for homeland security policy, including aviation and port security, deterrence models, game theoretic models for defense allocations, social network analysis of terrorist networks; queueing theory

Edward Melnick (
New York University
Quantitative risk assessment, bioterrorism, time series analysis, information theory, differential geometry

Sinjini Mitra (
University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Biometrics, pattern recognition, statistical modeling, Bayesian inference, MCMC, HMM, time series, machine learning applications

Hernando Ombao (
Brown University
Statistical signal analysis, non-stationary time series, image classification, discrimination, statistical learning

Al Ozonoff (
Harvard School of Public Health
Analytic methods in biosurveillance

Greg Piepel (
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Design and data analysis of experiments (including experiments involving mixtures of ingredients and experiments on constrained experimental regions), model development and validation, immobilization of chemical and nuclear waste

Shane Reese (
Brigham Young University
Bayesian methods, reliability, computer experiments, design of experiments, biological weapons test and evaluation

Fritz Scheuren (
Sample survey design & analysis

Michael Stoto (
Georgetown University
Epidemiology, demography, research synthesis/meta-analysis, community health assessment, risk analysis and communication, and performance measurement, public health practice and preparedness; the evaluation of public health interventions, infectious disease policy, and ethical issues in research and public health practice

David Steinberg (
Tel Aviv University
Design of experiments, seismology (including network design), industrial statistics

Edward Wegman (
George Mason University
Data visualization, data mining, social networks, text mining, streaming data, time series

Alyson Wilson (
Iowa State University
Bayesian methods, reliability, and test & evaluation

Greg Wilson (
Iowa State University
Qualitative modeling of complex and socio-technical systems, expert judgment elicitation, statistics and communication

Ji Zhu (
University of Michigan
Statistical learning, including boosting, kernel methods, classification and clustering, high-dimensional data and variable selection, bioinformatics, statistical modeling in engineering and natural sciences, statistical modeling in finance and marketing
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