American Statistical Association

Section on Government Statistics

Charter (Revised 2010)

Article I. NAME

The name of this organization is the Section on Government Statistics of the American Statistical Association (hereafter called the Association).


The special interests of the Section on Government Statistics are to promote the use of sound statistical theory and methods in the production of data at all levels of government - be it Federal, State, local, or international; assist in the broad dissemination of those data; and encourage good statistical practice by all users. Areas of interest for the Section include all that involve the production, dissemination, and application of governmental statistics. This includes areas such as statistical policy issues, quality and usefulness of governmental data products, special problems of State and local data, comparability of data among different countries, and the role of professional statisticians in the public sector. To support these special interests, the Section on Government Statistics shall carry out the following functions, together with such others as are appropriate:

  1. Assist in the development and advancement of knowledge in techniques and practices that will contribute to excellence in the production and use of government statistics.
  2. Promote a wider understanding of the attained levels of quality, continuity, comparability, appropriateness, accessibility, relevance, and timeliness of governmental statistical activities for large and small geographic areas.
  3. Encourage professional statistical review of statistical activities carried out by governmental units.
  4. Disseminate information and provide training opportunities for individuals involved in the production and use of government data and statistics.


Membership shall include all full members of the Association who are current in the payment of Section dues. The membership for each member of the Section shall coincide with that memberís membership year in the Association.


The elected officers of the Section shall consist of the Chair, the Chair-Elect, the Past-Chair, the Program Chair, the Program Chair-Elect, the Secretary/Treasurer, the Council of Sections Representative, and the Publications Officer.

The term of office of the Secretary/Treasurer and the Publications Officer shall be two years. The terms of all other officers shall be one year. The term of the Representative(s) to the Associationís Council of Sections shall be as prescribed in the Charter of the Council of Sections. A Representative to the Council is eligible for immediate re-election only if he or she was not previously elected for a full term. No officer shall be eligible for immediate re-election to the same office except the Secretary/Treasurer and the Publications Officer.

The Chair-Elect and Program Chair-Elect shall automatically succeed the Chair and Program Chair, respectively, at the annual change of officers, which shall occur on January 1.


If the office of Chair becomes vacant, the Chair-Elect shall become the Chair, the term extending through the following year. The same principle of succession shall apply if the office of Program Chair becomes vacant. Vacancies in other offices shall be filled by appointment by the Chair with the approval of the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers and two Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics (COPAFS) Representatives. After serving as Past-Chair, the Past-Chair becomes the ASA representative on the Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics (COPAFS) for two years. Thus, the two COPAFS Representatives each have tenure for two years, with overlapping terms.

The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the Section. Actions taken by the Committee during the past year, and plans for future activities, shall be presented at the annual business meeting of the Section for discussion. The Chair, with the approval of the Executive Committee, may designate committees or individuals to carry out the functions of the Section, including a Newsletter Editor, an Amstat Online Assistant Editor, Chairs of Award Committees, and other positions needed to efficiently conduct the business of the Section.


The Sectionís Committee on Nominations shall include the immediate Past Chair who shall serve as the committee Chair and two additional members appointed by the Section Chair. No other member of the Executive Committee may be a member of this committee. The Sectionís Committee on Nominations shall submit, to the Secretary of the Association and the Section Chair, at least two candidates for each position to be filled, in accordance with the schedule established by the Association. In addition, any Section member nominated by petition of 25 or more members of the Section shall also appear on the annual ballot, provided that the petition is presented to the Secretary of the Association in accordance with the nomination schedule. Balloting shall be carried out as part of the Associationís annual ballot for electing Association and Section officers.


The annual meeting of the Section shall be held in connection with the annual meeting of the Association and shall be announced in advance, preferably in the program for that meeting. Between annual meetings, business may be conducted by mail, email, telephone, facsimile transmission, or other electronic means.


Amendments to this charter may be proposed by the Executive Committee of the Section or by petitions signed by at least 25 members of the Section and presented to the Executive Committee. Amendments are subject to the approval of the Associationís Council of Sections Governing Board. The proposal shall then be submitted to the members of the Section for vote at the time of the annual election of officers. If approved by the majority of the members voting, the amendment shall be effective immediately unless provided otherwise by the amendment itself.

Government Statistics Section pages prepared by:     Bill Wong.
Last updated:     March 25, 2010.

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