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  • GSS Data Challenge 2016 - The Government Statistics Section is sponsoring Data Challenge 2016 to take place at the JSM 2016 meetings. The contest is open to anyone who is interested in participating, including college students and professionals from the private or public sector. This contest challenges participants to analyze a government dataset using statistical and visualization tools and methods. There will be two award categories – Professional and Student. One award in the amount of $500 will be given for entries in the Professional category. Three awards will be given for entries in the Student category. These are $500 for first place, $300 second place, and $200 for third place.

    The dataset for the GSS Data Challenge 2016 will be the Department of Transportation’s General Estimates System (GES). The GES is collected by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). GES is a representative sample of police-reported motor vehicle crashes of all types.

    A link to the website with the data and other useful information (data dictionaries, manuals, etc.) is given here:

    Contestants must submit the following to Wendy Martinez ( by January 4, 2016
    • General description of the proposed research
    • Analytic questions to be addressed
    • How the General Estimates System (GES) will be used
    • Preference for poster or presentation at the JSM 2016
    • Category – Professional or Student
    Your submissions help us plan for the JSM 2016 program.
    Abstracts are then submitted by the contestant to the ASA for presentation at the JSM ( ). Group submissions are acceptable.

    Further details are given in:

    Results of the GSS Data Challenge 2015 are summarized at:
  • The Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award - The Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award encourages the mentoring of junior staff in the statistical community in Federal, State, or Local government. It is awarded annually to a supervisor, technical director, team coordinator, or other member of the Federal, State, or Local government statistical staff who is nominated by a supervisor and co-workers for his or her efforts in supporting the work and developing the careers of junior statistical staff.

    The Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award was established to honor Dr. Griffith who died in August 2001 after working for more than 25 years in the Federal statistical system. Throughout her career, and especially in her latter senior management positions at the National Center for Education Statistics and the National Science Foundation, one of Jeanne’s highest priorities was to mentor and encourage younger staff at all levels to learn, to grow, and to recognize and seize career opportunities as they came along.

    The Jeanne E. Griffith award is supported by the ASA Government Statistics Section and Social Statistics Section, NORC at University of Chicago, Westat, American Institutes for Research (AIR), American Educational Research Association (AERA), The Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics (COPAFS), Stata, Washington Statistical Society, and the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy (ICSP).

    The previous recipients of the Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award are: Rich Allen (National Agriculture Statistical Service), 2003; Beth Kilss (Internal Revenue Service), 2004; Renee Miller (Energy Information Administration), 2005; Martin O’Connell (U.S. Census Bureau), 2006; Stephanie Shipp (National Institute of Standards and Technology – at the time of the award), 2007; Rosemary D. Marcuss (Bureau of Economic Analysis), 2008; Kevin Cecco (Internal Revenue Service), Lillian S. Lin (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 2009; Deborah H. Griffin (U.S. Bureau of the Census), 2010; Jenise L. Swall (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), 2011; William P. Mockovak (Bureau of Labor Statistics), 2012; Brian Harris-Kojetin (Office of Management and Budget), 2013; and J. Gregory Robinson (U.S. Census Bureau), and Kenneth Schoendorf (National Center for Health Statistics), 2014.

    If you’re not familiar with the award or would like more information about the history of the award, see the excellent article (including some pictures from the ceremony) in the October 2014 issue of Amstat News at

    Nominations for 2015 will be accepted beginning in January 2015. The last date for submission of nominations is April 3, 2015, and the Award Committee will make its determination of the award winner by April 30, 2015. The award will consist of a $1,000, a citation, and a plaque, which will be presented at a ceremony arranged by the co-sponsors in June 2015.

    For more information about the nominating process for the 2015 award, please go to: or
    Current Award Committee members are listed at:

    If you have questions about the award, please contact Rick Peterson at (703) 684-1221, or Lillian Lin at (406) 994-5594.
  • Wray Jackson Smith Scholarship - The Government Statistics Section and the Social Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association (ASA) are pleased to announce the availability of a scholarship in memory of Wray Jackson Smith, a founding member of the Section and long-time contributor to Federal statistics. The Wray Jackson Smith Scholarship (WJSS), co-sponsored with the Washington Statistical Society, the Caucus for Women in Statistics, Harris-Smith Institutes, Mathematica Policy Research, and Synectics for Management Decisions, Inc., is intended to reward promising young statisticians for their diligence, thereby encouraging them to consider a future in government statistics.
    2015 Announcement.
    History of Wray Jackson Smith Scholarship
    For 2015: Apply by March 1, 2015!
    2015 Application forms: for a MS Word (docx) version
    For further information for 2015, contact Jennifer Park by e-mail:
  • The Roger Herriot Award - The 2015 Roger Herriot Award for Innovation in Federal Statistics will be presented at the 2015 JSM. The Roger Herriot Award is sponsored by the Washington Statistical Society, the ASA's Social Statistics Section and the ASA's Government Statistics Section. Nominations for the 2015 award will be accepted beginning in January 2015.
    Completed packages must be received by April 1, 2015.
    For more information, contact Fritz Scheuren, Chair of the 2016 Roger Herriot Award Committee, at 202-320-3446 or . Electronic submissions in MS-Word or as a “pdf” file are strongly encouraged. Please contact the chair if you need to make arrangements to fax or mail a nomination.
  • 2015 Student Paper Competition - The Survey Research Methods, Government Statistics, and Social Statistics Sections are pleased to announce a competition for student and post-graduate papers. Winning papers are presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) August 8-13, 2015 at the Washington State Convention Center, 800 Convention Place, Seattle, WA 98101. Approximately five awards will be granted. A subsidy of $800 is provided to each winner to cover JSM 2015 expenses.
    All materials must be received by 5 PM EST, December 15, 2014. Winners will be notified by January 15, 2015.
  • The Pat Doyle Award - The Executive Committee of the Government Statistics Section (GSS) created the Pat Doyle Award in 2005 as a tribute to Pat’s dedication to the statistical field and the GSS during her lifetime. When Pat died, she left her imprints on an astonishingly wide range of projects and activities in the U.S. federal statistical community. The award is given to a person who contributes to the GSS in a way that leaves a lasting impact on GSS and ASA.
    The previous recipients of The Pat Doyle Award are: (2005) Clyde Tucker (1st Award), (2006) Robert Lussier, (2007) Wendy Alvey, (2008) John L. Czajka, (2009) Stephanie Shipp, (2010) Bill Wong, (2011) Natalya Verbitsky-Savitz (2012) Carol House, (2013) Nancy Bates, and (2014) Brian Harris-Kojetin.

We express our thanks to our Government Statistics Section's corporate sponsors:

For 2013:
      Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), U.S. Department of Commerce
      National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

For 2014:
      Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), U.S. Department of Commerce
      Energy Information Administration
      U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce


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