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Mission Statement

The special interests of the Section on Government Statistics are in the production and use of statistics by the governmental bodies at all levels of government -- federal, state, and local -- and in the practice of statistics in the public sector. These interests include concern with statistical policy issues, quality and usefulness of governmental data products, special problems of state and local data, and the role of professional statisticians in public programs.

To support these special interests, the Section on Government Statistics shall carry out any or all of the following functions, together with such others as are appropriate:

  1. Assist in the development and advancement of knowledge in techniques and practices that will contribute to excellence in the production and use of government statistics.
  2. Promote a wider understanding of the attained levels of quality, continuity, comparability, appropriateness, accessibility, and timeliness of release of governmental statistical activities for large and small geographic areas.
  3. Encourage professional statistical review of statistical activities carried out by governmental units.
  4. Disseminate information and provide training opportunities for individuals involved in the production and use of government data and statistics.

Government Statistics Section pages prepared by:     Bill Wong.
Last updated:     January 7, 2008.

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