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JSM 2013

August 3 – 8, 2013 | Montréal, Québec

The 2013 Joint Statistical Meetings took place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Topic Contributed Sessions at JSM 2013 Organized by SIGMEDD

SIGMEDD members presented 24 papers on statistical issues related to therapeutic and diagnostic medical device study in 5 topic contributed sessions at JSM this year.

25 - Statistical Issues in Assessing Performance of Diagnostic Devices
Sponsored by Section on Statistics in Epidemiology, Biopharmaceutical Section, ASA Special Interest Group for Medical Devices and Diagnostics (SIGMEDD)

473 - Practice of Quantitative Decision Analysis in Regulatory Science for Medical Devices
Sponsored by Section on Bayesian Statistical Science, International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA)

518 - Blinding and Placebo Effects in Randomized Clinical Trials
Sponsored by Biopharmaceutical Section, ASA Special Interest Group for Medical Devices and Diagnostics (SIGMEDD), Mental Health Statistics Section, Biometrics Section, Section for Statistical Programmers and Analysts

634 - Challenges and advances in evaluation of clinical trials
Sponsored by Biopharmaceutical Section, ASA Special Interest Group for Medical Devices and Diagnostics (SIGMEDD), Mental Health Statistics Section, Biometrics Section

673 - Challenging Statistical Issues in Medical Device Trials
Sponsored by Biopharmaceutical Section, ASA Special Interest Group for Medical Devices and Diagnostics (SIGMEDD)

2013 Annual Meeting

5 – 6 PM, Monday, August 5, 2013 | Room CC-516d

SIGMEDD's 2013 Annual Meeting, the last of the interest group that preceded the MDD Section, took place at JSM 2013.

JSM 2012

July 28 – August 2, 2012 | San Diego, California

The flagship conference and gathering for the American Statistical Association and its international allies, Joint Statistical Meetings lets statisticians from around the globe share presentations, attend workshops, network and meet, and of course experience a new locale. The conference also hosts each year's SIGMEDD General Meeting. JSM 2012 took place in San Diego, California, from July 28 to August 2.

Topic Contributed Sessions

SIGMEDD members presented 39 papers on statistical issues related to theraputic and diagnostic medical device study in 9 topic contributed sessions.

Annual Meeting 2012

SIGMEDD held its 2012 annual business meeting on July 30 at JSM in San Diego, California. The meeting, chaired by SIGMEDD chair Greg Campbell, was attended by approximately 50 members. The membership voted overwhelmingly to take steps to move from an Interest Group to an ASA Section - Section on Medical Devices and Diagnostics (MDD) of the American Statistical Association.

Other issues:

  • ASA requires a minimum of 100 signatures from its members to form a new section. More than 60 signatures have been collected at the JSM (during SIGMEDD's annual business meeting). We ask for your support in signing the petition.
    Click here to download a petition form. Any ASA members are eligible and welcome to sign.
  • The current SIGMEDD charter will need to be amended to meet the requirements of a section charter. Greg will form a committee to make the necessary revisions, with the goal of finishing by the end of the year.
  • Members voted to approve the dues for the Section of Medical Devices and Diagnostics (MDD) to be $10, same as the Biopharmaceutical Section.
  • Nominations are needed for next year's SIGMEDD officers. The offices that would need to be filled this year are Chair-Elect (Chair in 2014), Program Chair-Elect (Program Chair in 2014), and Correspondence Secretary. The slate of officers for the new Section of Medical Devices and Diagnostics (SMDD) would be SIGMEDD officers holding office in 2013-2014. For this purpose, two additional officers, a treasurer and an elected representative to the Council of Sections will be elected in this election.
  • A four-member nomination committee, Peter Lam (Chair), Aaron Lobbestael, Greg Maislin, and Shanti Gomatam, has been formed to handle the officer election. Please consider nominating a person (including yourself) for each post. Please e-mail your nominations to Peter Lam and copy the other members of the committee.

JSM 2011

July 30 – August 4, 2011 | Miami Beach, Florida

JSM 2011 took place in Miami Beach, FL, from July 31 to August 5. SIGMEDD presented 7 topic contributed sessions at the annual Joint Statistical Meetings at Miami Beach, Florida, between July 30 and August 4, 2011.

>> ASA: JSM 2011

JSM 2010

July 31 – August 5, 2010 | Vancouver, BC, Canada

JSM 2010 took place in Vancouver, BC, from July 31 - August 5. SIGMEDD presented 9 medical devices and diagnostics related sessions at JSM 2010.

>> ASA: JSM 2010

Topic Contributed Sessions

sponsored by the Biopharmaceutical Section; ENAR

Invited Sessions

sponsored by the Statistics in Epidemiology, Biometrics, Bayesian Statistical Science, Health Policy Statistics, Statistical Programmers and Analysts Sections; Committee on Career Development; WNAR and International Chinese Statistical Association

SIGMEDD Annual Meeting

As traditional, SIGMEDD's 2010 Annual Meeting took place at the Joint Statistical Meetings.

JSM 2009

August 1-6, 2009 | Washington D.C.

The 2009 Joint Statistical Meetings conference was held from August 1-6, 2009, in Washington D.C. SIGMEDD organized 8 topic contributed sessions on statistical issues of medical devices and diagnostics at JSM 2009. All sessions were well attended.

>> ASA: JSM 2009

Sponsored by the Biopharmaceutical Section

Sponsored by the Statistics in Epidemiology Section

SIGMEDD Annual Meeting 2009

A business meeting of the Special Interest Group for Medical Devices and Diagnostics was held on Monday, August 3, 2009 at JSM. A draft charter of the special interest group was presented to 70 attendees by Greg Campbell; it is viewable on the Charter page.

AdvaMed/FDA-CDRH Statistical Workshop 2009

April 29 – 30, 2009 | Gaithersburg, MD

The second annual AdvaMed/FDA-CDRH Statistical Workshop took place in Gaithersburg, MD from April 29 - 30, 2009. The agenda can be viewed here.

Content from the first annual AdvaMed/FDA-CDRH Statistical Workshop (April 16-17, 2008) is also available: Agenda and presentations