Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Section are to foster research in the fields of Data Mining and Statistical Learning and to aid in the dissemination of new tools and knowledge for these fields.

The principal objectives are to

  1. serve as the Association's focal point for Data Mining and Statistical Learning issues;
  2. build cooperative relationships on behalf of the Association with other organizations that have interests in these fields;
  3. encourage the use of Statistical Learning methods in Data Mining applications;
  4. create forums for presentation and discussion of research in these fields.


The Section will perform functions that serve the goals and objectives listed. These include, but are not limited to,

  1. sponsorship, including joint sponsorship with other organizations, of meetings, seminars and courses in the fields of Data Mining and Statistical Learning;
  2. planning, in cooperation with the Program committee of the Association, sessions on Data Mining and Statistical Learning at the Annual and/or Regional meetings of the Association;
  3. promotion of non-journal publications on Data Mining and Statistical Learning;
  4. service as a resource for public and private agencies seeking assistance in these fields of interest.

2015 Student Paper Competition Results: Please visit this link for the results of the 2015 Student Paper Competition hosted by the SLDM Section.

2015 JSM at Seattle: Our section is the primary sponsor for five invited sessions. A record number! Details here.

Memorial Activities for Leo Breiman: Our section has a number of activities to celebrate the fundamental contribution of Prof. Leo Breiman to the field of Statistical Learning and Data Mining. Details here.

SLDM Section Charter