Winners of Student Paper Competitions

2011 Competition

  • Yunzhang Zhu "Regularized Supervised Clustering in Regression and Feature Selection over an Undirected Graph", University of Minnesota
  • Georg Goerg, "A Frequency Domain EM Algorithm to Detect Similar Dynamics in Time Series with Applications to Spike Sorting and Macro-Economics", Carnegie Mellon University
  • Chen Shuo, "A Novel Support Vector Classifier for Longitudinal High-dimensional Data and Its Application to Neuroimaging Data", Emory University
  • Wei-Chen Chen, "A New AECM Algorithm Tuned to a Faster Beat for Model-Based Clustering of Regression Time Series Data", Iowa State University
  • Ashin Mukherjee, "Reduced Rank Ridge Regression and its Kernel Extensions", University of Michigan

2010 Competition

  • Lingzhou Xue, "Large Margin Single-Path Hierarchical Classification with a General Loss", University of Minnesota
  • Tyler H. McCormick, "Dynamic Logistic Regression and Dynamic Model Averaging for Binary Classification", Columbia University
  • Mu Qiao, "Two-way Gaussian Mixture Models for High Dimensional Classification", Penn State University
  • Jian Guo, "Joint Estimation of Multiple Graphical Models", University of Michigan
  • Seo Young Park, "Multicategory Composite Least Squares Classifiers", University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill