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  • ASA submits amicus brief in Supreme Court case, FCC v. Prometheus Radio Project.
  • ASA signs letter to Congress in support of federal career civil servants, 12/11/20
  • ASA signs letter to Congress in support of the National AI Initiative, 11/10/20.
  • ASA transmits 2020 Census Quality Indicators, urging their prompt application, in October 13, 2020 letters to leadership of Department of Commerce and US Census Bureau; House and Senate oversight committees; Department of Commerce Office of the Inspector General; and Government Accountability Office.
  • ASA joins with the Population Association of America and the Association of Population Centers in asking Commerce Secretary Ross to eliminate this summer’s Census Bureau political appointees, 9/22/20.
  • ASA President writes to HHS Secretary regarding the integrity of and rebuild confidence in the COVID-19 hospital data, 8/24/20.
  • ASA submits comments on FBI Use-of-Force Data Collection, 8/10/20.
  • ASA President sends letter to US Senate Leadership urging they take action to restore the Census Bureau’s October 31 data-collection end dates and extend the statutory deadlines, 8/5/20.
  • Reacting to new HHS Covid19 hospital reporting guidance, the ASA signs letter with 100 organizations urging the administration “not to advance the new data collection plan any further and instead consult with the public health and healthcare communities to discuss effective strategies for ensuring the availability of the data we all need and want to bring the pandemic under control in the U.S.” 7/17/20.
  • ASA signs onto letter to Vice President Mike Pence saying “it is vital that we lead with science and with the best data available” and objecting “to any attempt to cast doubt on science and sow mistrust for public health expertise, and to spread misinformation during this challenging time for all Americans,” 7/15/20.
  • 2021 ASA President Robert Santos urges Commerce Secretary Ross’ leadership in maintaining public trust in the US Census Bureau and ensuring the integrity of its data products by shifting the responsibility for the collection of citizenship information of administrative data to a non-statistical agency, 7/13/20.
  • The ASA joins with dozens of educational and scientific societies on open letter to White House, DHS, and State Department urging it withdraw the July 6 decision severely impacting international students, 7/8/20.
  • ASA 2021 President signs Joint Policy Board on Mathematics statement regarding April 22 presidential proclamation, urging President Trump “to ensure that any policies implemented in the interest of safeguarding public health do not jeopardize the research enterprise that underpins U.S. competitiveness, and which will be critical to enabling economic resurgence once this crisis abates.” 5/20/20.
  • ASA comments on Supplemental to Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science, 5/7/20; joins 5/18/20 AAAS letter. Related op-ed in The Hill: Transparency rule throws wrench into EPA's world-class science considerations.
  • ASA responds to OMB call for comments on considerations for additional measures of poverty, 4/14/20.
  • ASA signs letter to President Trump urging his administration “maintain public health guided social distancing efforts nationwide to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections until medical evidence indicates that it is safe to relax them and thank you for extending the current guidelines to April 30”, 3/30/20.
  • ASA joins with American Educational Research Association, former National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) commissioners, and former Chief Statisticians of the United States on letter to Congress urging more staff, funding, and autonomy for NCES, 3/23/20.
  • ASA comment on Draft Desirable Characteristics of Repositories for Managing and Sharing Data Resulting From Federally Funded Research, 3/5/20.
  • Executive Director Ron Wasserstein sends to letter to Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs inquiring about the release of Bureau of Justice Statistics reports and data relating to rape and sexual assault as well as victim services, 2/24/20.
  • ASA joins letter to President Trump regarding 12-month embargo period for making federally-funded research freely available in journals, 12/18/19.
  • ASA responds to request for information on addressing the climate crisis from the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis U.S. House of Representatives, 11/22/19; ASA signs onto Climate Science Working Group letter responding to the request, 11/22/19.
  • ASA signs letter to Congressional leaders urging the House position forbidding the USDA relocations of two research agencies be adopted in the final FY 2020 Appropriations bill text, 11/18/19.
  • ASA signs letter to NSF urging the annual number of Graduate Research Fellowships not be reduced from 2,000, 10/25/19.
  • ASA signs letter urging President Trump urging he rescind the executive order to arbitrarily cut the number of federal advisory committees, 10/4/19.
  • ASA signs letter thanking Senator Jeff Merkley for his leadership in protecting the USDA Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture, 9/18/19.
  • ASA joins 60 science, engineering and educational organizations on AAAS-led letter to leaders of U.S. science agencies: “While we must be vigilant to safeguard research, we must also ensure the U.S. remains a desirable & welcoming destination for researchers from around the world.” 9/4/19. For context, see this Science August 9 magazine article, U.S. universities confront a security storm in Congress.
  • ASA comments on Identifying Priority Access or Quality Improvements for Federal Data and Models for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development (R&D), and Testing08/09/19.
  • ASA submits public witness testimony for US Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Hearing, Agricultural Research and 2018 Farm Bill Implementation, 7/16/19.
  • ASA comments on OMB Phase Three of Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset, 7/5/19.
  • ASA president sends to letter of support for Senate Schatz’s bill to restore the Department of Justice scientific advisory board, 7/2/19.
  • ASA joins letter signed by 170 other organizations expressing concern for the integrity of USDA science and urging the US Senate to immediately take all steps necessary to support agricultural research, 6/26/19.
  • ASA urges further consideration and input of a broad expert panel before changing inflation measure used for the official poverty measure and other statistical measures, 6/21/19.
  • The ASA responds to OMB Call for Comment on Statistical Policy Directive No. 3: Compilation, Release, and Evaluation of Principal Federal Economic Indicators and the timing of public comments by employees of the executive branch, 6/6/19.
  • The ASA and COPAFS respond to Department of Education Call for Comment on Proposed Priorities for the Institute of Education Sciences, 5/28/19.
  • ASA supports Protecting American Votes and Elections Act (PAVE), sponsored by Senator Wyden to enhance federal election security and mandates risk-limiting audits, 5/10/19.
  • ASA urges Congress take measures to allow the NCES to build its internal capacity, thereby making it more effective and agile, 4/22/19.
  • The ASA responds to the Department of Education’s request for comments on the Proposed 2020 Update to the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) and Request for Comment, 3/26/19.
  • 100+ organizations Agriculture, Food, and Science Organizations Urge Congress to Block USDA ERS/NIFA Moves, 3/25/19 (full committee ); press release.
  • ASA comments on addition of citizenship question to 2020 Census to OMB, 3/15/19 ; attachments: OMB Information Quality Guidelines; Paperwork Reduction Act Survey Design Q&A; 1/19/18 John Abowd Census Memo; Census Statistical Quality Standards; Understanding the Quality of Alternative Citizenship Data Sources for the 2020 Census.
  • ASA partners with American Sociological Society and Population Association of America on Amicus brief for citizenship question lawsuits: (i) New York; (ii) California (motion for leave); (iii) Maryland (motion for leave).
  • ASA joins 57 other organizations in thanking Congressional appropriators for language to protect the USDA Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture, 2/1/19 (full committee).
  • ASA joins dozens of other societies on letter regarding U.S. Department of Education’s proposed Title IX implementing regulations, expressing “strong scientific basis for a concern”, and urging it not be made final, 1/30/19.
  • Former USDA chief scientists and research under secretaries, along with dozens of current and former university agricultural leaders, write to congress urging they “intervene to stop the restructuring of REE at least until there has been a comprehensive independent study and full consultation with the stakeholder community.” Appropriators, authorizers.
  • ASA joins letter to Congress expressing “serious concerns about the impact of the government shutdown on America’s research enterprise” and urging they end the shutdown, 1/23/19.
  • ASA executive director writes chair of the Board of Directors for the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics (PRIS) urging his action to keep PRIS a strong and independent statistical agency, 1/7/19.

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