Letters Organized, Signed, and/or Sent

This page also includes ASA amicus briefs and responses to calls for comments. ASA’s procedure for signing/sending letters, responding to calls for comment, and filing amicus briefs is explained in ASA’s guide for determining whether to make a public statement on a policy-related issue.


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  • ASA president joins with the leaders of RSS and ISI on a letter to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis calling for “an end to the now 10-year persecution of Andreas Georgiou and his full exoneration.” 10/7/21.
  • ASA provides National Academies Panel statistical perspectives on furthering education research at Department of Education, 10/5/21.
  • ASA supports nomination of Adriana Kugler to be US executive director of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 9/23/21.
  • ASA signs letter to congress urging they “create additional employment-based visas specifically for international students who earn, or previously earned, advanced STEM degrees in the US;” 9/8/21.
  • ASA provides comments to White House Office of Science and Technology Policy with Information To Improve Federal Scientific Integrity Policies, 7/28/21.
  • ASA joins letter congratulating Eric Lander on Senate confirmation to be Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, 7/21/21.
  • ASA writes Education Secretary Miguel Cardona with requests to ensure more objective, timely and reliable education statistics, 8/5/21.
  • ASA organizes letter to US Senate signed by 30+ organizations supporting nomination of 2021 ASA President Robert Santos to be director of the US Census Bureau, 7/14/21.
  • ASA joins with 47 other scientific organizations on letter to Congress expressing “the evidence-based urgency of boldly addressing climate change and encourage you to act quickly,” 6/30/21.
  • ASA Executive Director writes to Senator Schatz in support of the Census Federal Advisory Committee on Transparency and Standards Act (Census FACTS Act).
  • 2022 ASA President Kathy Ensor sends letter to US Senate in strong support of President Biden’s nomination of Robert Santos to be US Census Director, urging his swift confirmation, 4/15/21.
  • ASA leadership writes to DOD Director of Basic Research, stating, “more engagement of statisticians in DOD research will result in more robust science,” 3/25/21.
  • The ASA supports Health STATISTICS Act, 3/15/21.
  • ASA submits amicus brief in Supreme Court case, Wolf v. Innovation Law Lab.
  • ASA supports nomination of Eric Lander for director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, 1/29/21.
  • ASA submits amicus brief in Supreme Court case, FCC v. Prometheus Radio Project.
  • ASA signs letter to Congress in support of federal career civil servants, 12/11/20.
  • ASA signs letter to Congress in support of the National AI Initiative, 11/10/20.

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