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What are the ASA's Accredited Professional Statisticians™ saying?

As the Senior Statistician in the Central Quality Group at TI, being accredited as a PStat® is a big deal. I believe I am a valued employee at TI. Accreditation has enabled me to highlight the importance of the ASA among my peers at Texas Instruments and fellow graduate students at the University of Texas at Dallas. As a successfully accredited PStat®, I have a stronger position when talking to my peers about joining ASA, both at TI and at UTD.

Joel Dobson,
PStat®, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Senior Statistician,
Central Quality Group, Texas Instruments.

In working in a clinical setting, most physician colleagues have accreditation. It was important for me to also have accreditation in this setting to be recognized as a professional.

Rhonda Rosychuk,
PStat®, PhD Statistician, Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta,
accredited by both the ASA and the Statistical Society of Canada.

Obtaining ASA accreditation was critical to me as the chair of the University of Arizona's new Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics, since it is a benchmark for professional development expected of the future statisticians we train.

Dr. Walter Piegorsch,
PStat®, Chair, University of Arizona's Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics.

Accreditation has been a desire since my earliest days of membership, spanning more than 45 years.

Biostatistician John J. Bartko,
PStat®, Private Consultant.

Early on returning to Canada from a nearly five year appointment with the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics within the School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University, I applied for and received professional accreditation in 2005 from the Statistical Society of Canada. I still have research and consulting ties to the United States so there was no hesitation on my part when the opportunity arose in late 2010 to become one of the second cohort to be awarded the status of an Accredited Professional Statistician™ with the American Statistical Association.

Based upon five years of accredited professional practice in Canada, when working with nurses, physicians, or accountants I can report that having a professional designation puts fellow professionals accredited in other disciplines at ease with respect to ethical and confidentiality considerations as well as having undergone a peer review of qualification to practice. In some instances, these professionals have been based in the United States so electing to become and maintain my accreditation as a PStat®, American Statistical Association, covers all aspects of my contributions, be they foreign or domestic.

There is also the assumption from my colleagues in other professional disciplines that continuing education is a part of maintaining one’s professional credential. Having in the past and lately played a role in continuing education for physicians, I hope to do my part and use my experiences from medicine to inform the development of continuing education standards in my own profession.

Kevin J. Keen, PhD,
PStat®, American Statistical Association, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Northern British Columbia.