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About This Webcast on Leadership Development

On behalf of the Statistics Leadership Development Team at Eli Lilly & Company, and as part of the ASA initiative on Career Success Factors for Statisticians, we are sharing this webcast on our Leadership Development Program for Statisticians. After viewing the webcast, you will have:

  • An understanding of why we believe leadership development is critical for statisticians and what we are doing at Eli Lilly
  • Knowledge of the three components of the statistics leadership development program at Eli Lilly
  • Guidance on how to implement a leadership program and ideas on how any statistician can begin to develop their leadership

The webcast is comprised of 10 different segments with a total length of about 90 minutes. The first two segments are why & how we began this program. Segments 3, 4 and 5 focus on the three different components of the program. Segment 6 shares some thoughts on sustaining and expanding a leadership program over time. Segments 7, 8 and 9 are Question & Answer sessions with three different stakeholders – an Eli Lilly statistician, an Eli Lilly business leader, and the Eli Lilly functional statistics leader. The final segment shares ideas on how an individual or group can get started on developing their leadership.

The ten segments, the speakers and the approximate run times are as follows:

Introduction: Leadership Development for Statisticians – Gary Sullivan (8:00)

Getting Started with Leadership Development – Sandy Toledo Marquette (4:30)

Leadership by Design – Sandy Toledo Marquette (6:30)

Advancing Leadership Program for Statisticians – Gary Sullivan (13:20)

Leadership Presentations – Paul Berg (4:15)

Maintaining & Expanding – Paul Berg (2:30)

Question & Answer with Brenda Crowe (12:45)

Question & Answer with Phyllis Ferrell (7:15)

Question & Answer with Aarti Shah (12:20)

Leadership Development: Making It Work for You – Gary Sullivan (9:00)

Enjoy the webcast and good luck on your leadership development journey!

Gary Sullivan
Senior Director – Global Statistical Sciences & Advanced Analytics
Eli Lilly and Company