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Train the Trainer Courses

Are you an amazing communicator? If so, then you know how important communication skills are to your professional advancement. Do you want to share your expertise with others? This set of "soft skill" courses will have a positive impact on the careers of statisticians, regardless of their employment sector.

Here is how the program works:

  1. Learn the skills needed to teach soft skills to others by attending a Train the Trainer course at JSM.
  2. Sign up with ASA to be included in a web listing of instructors willing to teach local CSF courses. ASA will facilitate the connection between you and parties interesting in having you teach a local CSF course. Contact Rick Peterson to be added to the list of instructors

Prerequisites for attending the Train the Trainer course:

  • Willingness to teach short courses on effective presentations to statisticians in the local area where the attendee lives.
  • Attendee has acquired presentation skills through either prior attendance of a course on how to make effective presentations, or from giving numerous presentations.

So, what is in it for you? Prestige, networking, an opportunity to give back to the profession, the ability to impact the future of ASA and how it promotes the profession of statistics, and a meaningful addition to your résumé.

Course listing:

JSM 2012 Train the Trainer: How to Present a Short Course on Effective Presentations The first "train the trainer" course on Effective Presentations was presented at the JSM in August, 2012. The course instructors were Jeanine Buchanich (University of Pittsburgh) and Jennifer Van Mullekom (DuPont).