ACASA Reference information from previous years: 2008
  • Judge and present "Best Use of Statistics" awards at the New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair (NMSEF), at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NM Tech) in Socorro, NM, April 5. NMT directions, Google map directions
    Last year registration was in (14) Fidel Center and the exhibits in the (19) Gymnasium. (NMT Buildings)
    We'll meet to register at 7:30, judge from 8-10, interview from 10:30-12, lunch 12-1:30, final interview 1:30-3:30 if needed to determine winners.
    (no schedule yet (3/14) on website, this is from preliminary copy they mailed)
    1. Instructions to sign up to be a judge:
    2. Go to sign-up page
    3. Fill in the top demographic info
    4. check box: Yes! I will serve as a judge on April 5, 2008.
    5. Education or experience information is optional
    6. Under Judging Preference, check: I have been recruited by a sponsoring organization to serve as a SPECIAL AWARDS JUDGE. DO NOT mark category preferences. Please provide sponsoring organization: Albuquerque Chapter of the American Statistical Association
    7. Ignore Category Preferences, and ignore Team projects -- we do all the senior posters (9-12th grade)
    8. Submit form

    Short course: we are considering one on MCMC computing or the R programming language (Duncan Lang - Scott (LANL) knows). Maybe we can invite someone providing a course at JSM this year. Career Day at UNM to discuss career options in statistics -- ASA will sponsor $500 if we apply.
    Additionally, we can have grad students outreach to high schools to give career day talks about opportunities in statistics.