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BCASA Presidents

Presidents of the Boston Chapter of the ASA

Years Person Affiliation
1928-1929Carroll W. DotenM.I.T.
1929-1930Charles F. GettemyBoston Federal Reserve Bank
1930-1931Davis R. DeweyM.I.T.
1931-1933Leroy D. PeaveyBabson's Statistical Organization
1933-1935J. Franklin EbersoleHarvard Graduate School of Business
1935-1936Howard C. BaldwinBabson's Statistical Organization
1936-1938Donald S. TuckerM.I.T.
1938-1940Edmund S. CogswellMassachusetts Department of Insurance
1940-1942Theodore H. BrownHarvard Graduate School of Business
1942-1944Paul T. BabsonUnited Business Service
1944-1946Nicholas E. PetersonFirst National Bank of Boston
1946-1947John S. PerkinsBoston University College of Business Administration
1947-1948Henry D. LockeLiberty Mutual Insurance Company
1948-1949Charles H. BlissHarvard Graduate School of Business
1949-1951Roswell F. PhelpsPhelps Statistical Service
1951-1952William W.K. FreemanMutual Boiler and Machinery Insurance
1952-1953Wilfred S. LakeNortheastern University
1953-1954Sybil P. BindlossLiberty Mutual Insurance Company
1954-1955Phillip J. RulonHarvard University
1955-1956John E. AlmanBoston University
1956-1957Eugene W. PikeM.I.T. Lincoln Laboratories
1957-1959John G. BootonU.S. Army, Retired
1959-1960Frederick MostellerHarvard University
1960-1961David DurandM.I.T.
1961-1962Gotfried E. NoetherBoston University
1962-1964Maynard S. RennerDewey and Almay Chemical Company
1964-1965Bernard P. GoldsmithNortheastern University
1965-1966William G. CochranHarvard University
1966-1967Edwin B. CoxBoston University
1967-1968Earl K. BowenBabson College
1968-1969Irving I. GringortenAir Force Cambridge Research Laboratory
1969-1970Howard RaiffaHarvard School of Business
1970-1971Yvonne M. BishopChildren's Cancer Research Foundation
1971-1972Ralph B. D'AgostinoBoston University
1972-1973David F. Votaw, Jr.Mitre Corporation
1973-1974James H. WarramHarvard School of Public Health
1974-1975William B. FairleyHarvard Kennedy School of Government
1975-1976Sonja M. McKinlayBoston University
1976-1979Herbert I. WeisbergHuron Institute
1979-1980Christine WaternauxHarvard School of Public Health
1980-1982Michael A. StotoHarvard Kennedy School of Government
1982-1984Arlene S. AshBoston University
1985-1986Anne D. SevinFramingham State
1987-1988Harmon S. JordanMediQual Systems, Inc.
1989-1990Thomas J. MarxMarx Social Science Research, Inc.
1991-1994John D. McKenzie, JrBabson College
1995-1998Robert N. GoldmanSimmons College
1999-2000Katherine L. MontiRho, Inc.
2001-2002Robert B. SmithSystemic Research Inc.
2003-2006Scott R. EvansHarvard School of Public Health
2007-2010Dominique HaughtonBentley University
2011-2014Tom LaneMathWorks


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