“What should be in a High School Course in Statistics?"

October 13, 2009
A Discussion led by Dave Fluharty

As part of the new Michigan Merit Curriculum for High School, students are required to take 4 years of mathematics. One possible course is a course in statistics. For our October meeting, we would like to have a discussion of what should be in such a course. We would like to have representation from the University community, the Industrial community and the Secondary Education community. We need your input at this meeting. One goal of the meeting will also be to decide what the Detroit Chapter can do to support the teaching of statistics at the secondary level.

David Fluharty is a statistician for Arvin Meritor. He has a PhD. in Evaluation and Educational Research and has worked on projects for the Michigan Department of Education.


Dorin Drignei

Ellen Barnes giving Dave Fluharty a Certificate of Appreciation from the Detroit Chapter