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Chicago Chapter of ASA Workshop: Probability Models for Customer Analytics

Event Dates: Friday  April 26 - Friday  April 26
City: Chicago   State: Illinois   Country: USA
Event Type: Workshops & Seminars ASA Sponsored: No
This workshop aims to fill in these gaps by bringing practitioners fully up to speed on the basic methods that may underlie many of their current or future research activities. Our two broad objectives are: (1) to review the essential terminology and logic associated with the area of probability models as applied to customer analytics, and (2) to develop participants' skills through a set of data-oriented case studies that demonstrate the model-building process in detail. We will illustrate all of the steps required to develop a probability model, estimate its parameters, interpret the results, and draw appropriate managerial conclusions from it. Careful and extensive use is made of the Solver tool in Microsoft Excel, which makes it possible to construct all of these models within a familiar spreadsheet environment. By the end of the tutorial, participants should be quite comfortable with all of the aforementioned principles and models and the managerial issues that surround them.
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