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Who Qualifies to Be an Educational Ambassador?

A PhD in statistics or biostatistics who is open to studying a new area of research and who has an interest in teaching this new area of research

Selection Process

Selection committee

The Committee on International Relations in Statistics selects the country that will host the educational ambassador. The committee chair then selects a liaison for that country. The liaison will be a prestigious statistician native to the country who works in the United States. The liaison provides names and contact information for prominent statisticians from the selected country who will form the Educational Ambassador Selection Committee. The selection committee, along with the chair of the Committee on International Relations in Statistics and the ASA director of education, identify qualified applicants.

The applicants are required to submit the following:

  • A letter of intent, indicating why they should be selected for the award
  • Curriculum vita
  • One letter of recommendation
  • The choice of a two-day course or two one-day courses from a list of courses offered at the upcoming Joint Statistical Meetings. The topic(s) selected should be relevant and ones in which their home country presently has no expertise. The candidate will be expected to give lectures on the subject matter when they return to their home country.
  • A letter from the chair of the department of the university where the lectures will be given by the educational ambassador. The letter must state that the department will provide the educational ambassador with all the necessary supplies and facilities to present the class.