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A Brief History of the Poster Competition and Project Competition

The Project Competition is the older of the two competitions. The American Statistical Association and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) created a joint committee in 1967 to advance the probability and statistics curriculum in grades K-12. In 1987, the committee initiated the Project Competition through the efforts of Dwayne Cameron.

The idea for a Poster Competition originated with Lorraine Denby of the ASA's Section on Statistical Graphics. In August of 1989, Jerry Moreno was asked to be the first chair and establish an initial framework and structure for the competition. A committee of five teachers and statisticians was formed and, using information Denby provided about the Japanese competition (in existence since 1955), it developed the purpose, rules, regulations, and awards structure for the competition. The ASA's first Poster Competition took place during the spring of 1990.