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Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) College Report Participants in the GAISE project created a report of recommendations for teaching introductory statistics courses at the college level and statistics education in pre-K-12 years. The GAISE College Report is freely available online at

Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (CAUSE)
A national organization whose mission is to support and advance undergraduate statistics education in the four target areas of resources, professional development, outreach, and research.

Curriculum Guidelines The American Statistical Association endorses the value of undergraduate programs in statistical science, both for statistical science majors and for students in other majors seeking a minor or concentration. This document provides guidelines for development of curricula for such programs.

AMATYC/ASA Web-Based Distance Learning Program

Causality in Statistics Education Award
The Causality in Statistics Education Award is aimed at encouraging the teaching of basic causal inference in introductory statistics courses. Donated by Judea Pearl, the prize carries a monetary award of $5,000 to a person or team that does the most to enhance the teaching and learning of causal inference in statistics.

Publications in Statistics Education

ASA/MAA Joint Statement on Qualifications for Teaching an Introductory Statistics Course

ASA Endorsement of the MAA Guidelines for Programs and Departments in Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences

Stats 101 Toolkit provides a series of case studies that show statistics in action. Each case starts with a real-world problem and leads the reader through the steps taken to explore the problem, highlighting the techniques used in introductory classes.

Using Statistics Effectively in Mathematics Education Research

Useful Web Sites for Teachers

ASA/MAA Joint Committee Resources

Careers in Statistics

Visit the ASA's Career Center for information about career opportunities for statisticians.