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  • January 27, 2014
    Deadline for special requests for abstract submission/registration for U.S. government agencies
  • July 2 - July 17, 2014
    Late Registration (increased fees apply)

Program > Proceedings

The 2014 JSM Proceedings will be published digitally. Authors will submit their papers electronically to a web collection site between 12 p.m. EDT August 21 and 11:59 p.m. EDT September 26. Submit early. The deadline is firm, and you can expect delays due to heavy volume around that time.

You may publish in the JSM Proceedings if you orally presented your paper or poster at JSM 2014 or one of the following ASA-sponsored conferences*:

2013 ASA Biopharmaceutical Section Statistics Workshop (BIOP)
September 16-18, 2013
Washington, DC

International Conference on Health Policy Statistics (HPSS)
October 9-11, 2013
Chicago, Illinois

2014 Conference on Statistical Practice
February 20-22, 2014
Tampa, Florida

2014 ENAR Spring Meeting (TSHS)
March 16-19, 2014
Baltimore, Maryland

2014 AAPOR Annual Conference (SRMS)
May 15-18, 2014
Anaheim, California

2014 Joint Research Conference (SPES)
June 23-26, 2014
Seattle, Washington

2014 ASA Biopharmaceutical Section Statistics Workshop (BIOP)
September 22-24, 2014
Washington, DC

2014 Fall Technical Conference (SPES and Q&P)
October 2-3, 2014
Richmond, Virginia

*Authors wishing to submit a paper orally presented at a conference other than JSM are required to pay a $100 publication fee by filling out this form.

Copyright notice: Authors retain copyright on individual papers published in the JSM Proceedings. Eligible presenters are not prohibited from publishing in the JSM Proceedings as well as other publications; authors are advised to consult journal exclusivity agreements for restrictions.

Paper Format and Page Limits

JSM Proceedings will be published in electronic format only. To maintain a uniform and professional look, all papers must conform to the formatting requirements. To help in this endeavor, the ASA has created a Word template and LaTeX template (asaproc.cls, template.tex) for you to download and use.

Following are basic formatting guidelines:

Page limit: 15 pages, all inclusive. References, supplemental data, tables, graphs, etc. must fit within the 15 pages.

You must upload a nonsecured PDF file to the submission site; no other formats will be accepted.

Publication Fee

To offset the cost of producing the 2014 JSM Proceedings, the ASA asks that you pay an optional $90 publication fee. You may pay this online when submitting your paper or by filling out this form and faxing it to (703) 684-8069, ATTN: Joyce Narine.

Referencing Your Proceedings Paper

Following is a sample of the standard format for referencing your paper:

Freund, R. J., A. Baker, and J. Hunter. 2014. An example of prediction with regression. In JSM Proceedings, Statistical Computing Section. Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association. 1121-1131.

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