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Professional Development > Personal Skills Development

Effective communication, collaboration, leadership, and influence are vital to the impact of individual contributions and the visibility of our profession. Career planning can add valuable insights on how to improve, change or advance in our careers.

Currently Scheduled Offerings

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Career Development: Opportunities for Statistical Innovation and Impact
Organizer: Devan Mehrotra, Merck Research Laboratories
Sunday, August 3, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Some students enrolled in MS or PhD programs in statistics may find it relatively easy to decide that they wish to pursue a career outside academia. However, choosing from an ever-widening menu of non-academic career choices can be daunting. This is also true for statisticians who are in various stages of their statistical careers and are contemplating switching jobs and/or application domains. What are the career opportunities and challenges for statisticians out there in this "big data" world? What types of skill sets or innovation are employers looking for to maximize impact within their organizations? The goal of this panel is to help address questions like these, and thereby help attendees with career planning and development. All the speakers are rising or established leaders in their respective organizations, with a strong record of interdisciplinary collaboration and a penchant for innovation and mentoring. The speaker's backgrounds and experiences cover a diverse array of statistical applications, which they will also briefly describe in their presentations.

SPEAKERS: Jim Koehler (Google, Inc.), Kary Myers (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Stephanie Pickle Dehart (Dupont Chemicals), Frank Rockhold (GlaxoSmithKline), Nancy Petersen (Department of Veterans Affairs)

Effective Presentations for Statisticians
Instructors: Jen Van Mullekom, Dupont, and Bob Starbuck, Wyeth (retired)
Monday, August 4, 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Would you like to polish your presentation skills and better influence your company's decision-makers or your clients? This well-received course, taught at previous ASA meetings by Jeanine Buchanich, Bob Starbuck, and Jennifer van Mullekom, will cover topics such as slide preparation, crafting your argument, oral presentations, and communicating statistical ideas. Attendees will review examples of effective and ineffective presentation techniques, learn how to make effective presentations to different audience types using various platforms, and improve their communication skills to both statisticians and non-statisticians.

Registration fee required. Persons can register for PSD offerings when JSM registration opens.

From Idea to Publication: How to Get that Book Written
Instructors: James Ramsay, McGill University, and Maura Stokes SAS
Tuesday, August 5, 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Writing your first book can be an intimidating process, from the first whiff of the idea to outlining the possible contents to making the decision to go for it. And then, of course, there's actually writing it and shepherding it through the publication process. This workshop provides you with a framework for making the decision to write a book and planning the writing and editing process so you will complete your project. The first part of the two-hour workshop discusses book design; it focuses on determining your potential audience, the scope of the topic, and the structure of the book. How long should it be? How much review should it contain? What role will figures and illustrations play? Will it require exercises or problems? The second part of the workshop focuses on managing the writing process. Do you have the knowledge required and can you attain any additional knowledge needed with reasonable effort? Do you have adequate time for this project as well as your usual work? If you have co-authors, can you effectively manage your relationships with them so that work is delivered in a timely manner? Will you need a budget for copy editors, preparation of illustrations, required software? In addition, this section covers effective outlining, managing the bibliography and index, and coordinating a useful review process. The workshop is intended to be interactive, so please bring your past stories as well as your questions. And bring your book ideas as the workshop will include several exercises intended to help you take the next steps in starting your own book publication journey.

Instructor Information
Jim Ramsay is an author of five books on functional data analysis and psychometrics, and a developer of supporting software. He has spent his career at McGill University communicating statistical ideas to psychology students and researchers. His first degree involved a major in the teaching of English, from which skills were acquired that have proved invaluable in his career as a statistician.

Maura Stokes is lead author of Categorical Data Analysis Using SAS, now in its third edition. She has served on the editorial board for the ASA-SIAM series and also serves on the board for the analytical SAS Press books. She oversees the editorial process for the SAS analytical documentation, and regularly performs technical editing as well as writes statistical application papers.

Registration fee required. Persons can register for PSD offerings when JSM registration opens.

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