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2015 ASA News Releases

November 18, 2015 Analysis Identifies Rape Clusters in Mainland U.S.
October 19, 2015 ASA, Global Statistics Organizations Call for 'A True Data Revolution' in World Statistics Day Statement
October 5, 2015 Precision Medicine, Other Key Health Issues Foci for International Conference on Health Policy Statistics
October 1, 2015 ASA Issues Statement on Role of Statistics in Data Science
October 1, 2015 More Students Earning Statistics Degrees, but Not Enough to Meet Surging Demand for Statisticians
August 13, 2015 Remote Sensing, Satellite Imagery, Surveys Used to Estimate Population of Mogadishu
August 13, 2015 Statistical Advances Help Unlock Mysteries of the Human Microbiome
August 12, 2015 ASA Presents Prestigious Founders Award to James Albert, David Banks and Sally Morton
August 12, 2015 Statistical Model Predicts With High Accuracy Play-Calling Tendency of NFL Teams
August 12, 2015 Statisticians Using Social Media to Track Foodborne Illnsess Outbreaks and Improve Disaster Response
August 12, 2015 Value-Added Models Focus of JSM 2015 Panel Discussion
August 11, 2015 Statistical Model Helps Police Identify Crime Series; Speeds Apprehension of Perpetrators
August 10, 2015 American Statistical Association Presents 2015 Awards
August 10, 2015 Freelance Journalist Julie Rehmeyer Presented 2015 ASA Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award
August 10, 2015 American Statistical Association Announces Recipients of 2015 Gertrude M. Cox Scholarships
August 10, 2015 Harvard Professor Tyler Vanderweele is 2015 Causality in Statistics Education Award Honoree
August 10, 2015 Statisticians Develop New Two-Cycle Dose-Finding Method for Personalized Cancer Treatments
August 10, 2015 Analysis Identifies Disparities in Pediatric Primary Cacre Accessibility in Multiple States
August 10, 2015 Statistical Model Using Transaction Attributes to Better Target Marketing Resources Unveiled
August 10, 2015 World Population Likely to Surpass 11 Billion in 2100
August 10, 2015 Big Data Analytical Advances from Academia, Business are Enhancing Exploration of Universe
August 10, 2015 Analytics for Resilience
August 9, 2015 Analysis of Men's and Women's Tennis Performance Finds Differences Attributable to Match Format
August 9, 2015 New Statistical Technique Helps Cancer Researchers Understand Tumor Makeup, Personalize Treatments
August 9, 2015 Linking Survey and Administrative Data Better Gauages Impact of Federal Antipoverty Efforts
June 16, 2015 Statistics Education, Evidence-Based Data Analysis Practices Needed to FIght Reproducibility Crisis in Science
June 15, 2015 New Study Finds Battleground State Polling Worked Until 2012 Election
June 8, 2015 Christine H. Fox Named President's Invited Speaker
June 4, 2015 ASA Names 62 New Fellows
May 20, 2015 EPA’s Barry D. Nussbaum Elected 112th ASA President
May 11, 2015 ASA Releases Statistical Education of Teachers Report
May 7, 2015 Predictive Analytics Improves the (Financial) Performance of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
May 5, 2015 Media Advisory: Study Finds Positive Wage Effects of Job Corps Participation
May 1, 2015 Media Advisory: Study Indicates Housing Market Cycles Have Become Longer
April 22, 2015 Statistical Analysis Identifies Factors That Predict Long-term Career Success for NFL Tight Ends
April 20, 2015 Higher-Than-Expected Pediatric Cancer Rates Identified in Two Florida Areas
April 6, 2015 ASA Issues Statement on State Discrimination Laws
April 2, 2015 Mexican Drug War Appears to Have Increased the Average Homicide Rate in Regions Subjected to Interventions
February 24, 2015 A ‘Marquee’ Bias Can Influence Which 'Bubble' Teams Get Into March Madness
February 23, 2015 New Study Finds Same Patient Mortality Rates for Experienced and New Surgeons
February 3, 2015 Statistics Sets Pace in Undergraduate STEM Degrees
January 21, 2015 ASA Announces Schedule of Anticipated Invited Sessions for 2015 Joint Statistical Meetings
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