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Mail your promotional messages to the ASA Membership List

The ASA membership list is available for rental from our list broker, MGI Lists, a division of Marketing General Incorporated.

Promote your product or service through direct mail to members of the American Statistical Association (ASA). Surveys show, time and time again, that direct mail is one of the most cost effective marketing tool available, and certainly the most effective when you are introducing something new to a busy audience.

Our mailing list gives you direct access to the most influential statisticians and professionals involved in data analysis and a wide range of statistical disciplines in government, academia, and nearly every industry and domain. You can have a list custom-built that targets a subset of the overall ASA member list by selecting within area of interest, journal type, or geography.

View ASA Mailing List Details.

JSM ATTENDEE MAILING LIST, now with postal and email options!

ASA's JSM pre-registration and post-event mailing list is now available for postal and email messages from exhibitors and sponsors. Many choices are available for the active period May through September. Get full information by following the hyperlink above, or contact MGI Lists.

For more information at any time, contact list manager Candy Brecht at MGI Lists: or call (703) 706-0383.

You may also be interested in advertising in our monthly membership publication, Amstat News. This publication is read by nearly 19,000 statisticians. See Advertising rates.