About the MDD website

the persons responsible for sacking the web team...

The SIGMEDD MDD website is designed and "illustrated" by Merlin Mah and maintained by Jeng Mah (yep, related in the first degree). As you no doubt have noticed, many pages are still under construction; they will be completed gradually as MDD matures and grows.

In the meantime, we would welcome your comments and suggestions pertaining to the contents, design, or any other aspect of this website.

Retina Display support

Support for high-DPI screens such as Apple's Retina Displays is achieved by using retina.js.

Analytics tracking

We are experimenting with some traffic profiling, solely to satisfy our own academic curiosity, using Google Analytics. As a result, visitors who pay attention to this sort of thing may notice small PHP scripts being run on some pages. We will try to keep things inobtrusive.

Creative Commons images

Many of the graphics that MDD uses around the site are based on source images made available by their creators under Creative Commons licenses. In appreciation and compliance, we'd like to acknowledge our sources. We license and make available on this page our derivative works where possible, although we do not allow the reuse of any SIGMEDD-related imagery without prior approval.

Current Images

Events (Boston)

The small banner graphic for JSM 2014 in Boston makes use of a crop from "Marc and George Washington" by Flickr user Marc Flores. The original photo is licensed under Creative Commons, as is our version.

The sidebar image for Boston's "Events" is derived from File:USA-Public_Garden0.JPG by Wikimedia Commons user Ingfbruno. The original photo is licensed under Creative Commons, as is our version.

Past Images

Events (Montreal)

Much of the imagery for JSM 2013 in Montreal, e.g. the "Events" header image, uses the image Mise au jeu BOS @ MTL Faceoff, made available on the Wikimedia Commons by Fleurdelisé.

Events (San Diego)

2012's San Diego sidebar "Events" header image uses the image Shamu at SeaWorld, made available on the Wikimedia Commons by Christopher Down.

Vancouver at Dusk (JSM 2010)

Many of our JSM 2010-related images use Vancouver Dusk Pano by Matthew Field. Retrieved from Wikipedia. Published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.

D.C. Montage (JSM 2009)

Our D.C. Montage (careful, large SVG file), made available here under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, used: