The Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award

The Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award encourages the mentoring of junior staff in the statistical community in Federal, State, or Local government. It is awarded annually to a supervisor, technical director, team coordinator, or other member of the Federal, State, or Local government statistical staff who is nominated by a supervisor and co-workers for his or her efforts in supporting the work and developing the careers of junior staff.

The Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award was established to honor Dr. Griffith who died in August 2001 after working for more than 25 years in the Federal statistical system. Throughout her career, and especially in her latter senior management positions at the National Center for Education Statistics and the National Science Foundation, one of Jeanne’s highest priorities was to mentor and encourage younger staff at all levels to learn, to grow, and to recognize and seize career opportunities as they came along.

The winning mentor(s) will be selected for his or her efforts in supporting the work and developing the careers of junior staff. Examples of typical mentoring activities include:

  • Advising junior staff to help them create career opportunities, networking skills, and contacts for growth and development;
  • Counseling junior staff and providing resources to help develop their technical writing, analysis, presentation and organizational skills and knowledge;
  • Encouraging junior staff growth and career development through attendance and oral presentations at meetings with higher level officials, staffs of other agencies, professional associations, training courses, and conferences;
  • Motivating junior staff and building self-confidence through feedback on their efforts, being a listener when that is needed, and creating a caring and supportive environment;
  • Serving as a role model for junior staff through professional expertise, information and insights, balancing collegial and personal roles, and including everyone across rank, race, ethnicity, and seniority.

The previous recipients of the Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award are:
2003 - Richard D. Allen (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
2004 - Beth A Kilss (Internal Revenue Service)
2005 - Renee Miller (Energy Information Adminitration)
2006 - Martin O'Connell (U.S. Census Bureau)
2007 - Stephanie Shipp (National Institute for Standards and Technology)
2008 - Rosemary Marcuss (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
2009 - Kevin Cecco (Internal Revenue Service)
and Lillian Lin (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
2010 - Deborah H. Griffin (U.S. Census Bureau)
2011 - Jenise L. Swall (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
2012 - William P. Mockovak (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
2013 - Brian Harris-Kojetin (Office of Management and Budget)
2014 - J. Gregory Robinson (U.S. Census Bureau)
and Kenneth C. Schoendorf (National Center for Health Statistics)
2015 - Aldo "Skip" Vecchia (U.S. Geological Survey)

If you’re not familiar with the award or would like more information about the history of the award, see the excellent article (including some pictures from the ceremony) in the October 2013 issue of Amstat News on page 34.

Nominations for 2016 will be accepted beginning in January 2016. The last date for submission of nominations is April 4, 2016, and the Award Committee will make its determination of the award winner by May 13, 2016. The award will consist of a $1,000, a citation, and a plaque, which will be presented at a ceremony arranged by the co-sponsors in June 2016.

The nomination package must be mailed or emailed no later than April 4, 2016, to:

The Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award Committee
c/o The American Statistical Association
732 N. Washington Street
Alexandria, VA  22314-1943

For more information about the nominating process for the 2016 award, please go to: or

If you have questions about the award, please contact Rick Peterson at (703) 684-1221, or Anna Nevius at or (301)-258-0565.

The Jeanne E. Griffith award is supported by the ASA Government Statistics Section and Social Statistics Section, NORC at University of Chicago, Westat, American Institutes for Research (AIR), American Educational Research Association (AERA), The Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics (COPAFS), Washington Statistical Society, and the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy (ICSP). Please contact Kevin Cecco at, if you would like to contribute to the award.