It’s time for statistics to step forward.

As statisticians, our work has never mattered more, because:

The pace of progress depends on us. Inside almost every development that changes our world in the years ahead, you’ll find statisticians. From the lab to the boardroom, from the Capitol to the cloud, statisticians will be there—turning data into discoveries and decisions.

We speak the global language of the future. As data and statistics proliferate all areas of society, the world must have leaders who bring meaning to metrics and help people understand the world in new ways.

That’s why we must step forward as leaders and peers. We must use our collective voice to promote the work we do; to educate our communities and colleagues; and to build a smarter, stronger future within our profession and far beyond.

The ASA is how we move forward together.

The ASA has the leadership and influence to build upon the rich history of statistics. As a nonprofit organization, the ASA relies on financial support from members, corporations, businesses, foundations, and individuals to build upon the important work supporting statistics and to remain relevant in the future.

We’re ready to go further ... but we need your support!

The ASA has the ideas, people, and power to advance a greater leadership role for statistics in the world. We’re ready to:

  • Take bold new action to improve statistics education—from early childhood to college
  • Promote statistical literacy across our society and media with a stronger voice
  • Advocate more vigorously for the future of our profession and statistically sound policy and governance
  • Provide opportunities for statisticians to improve their knowledge and sharpen leadership, communication, and presentation skills


The Analytics Train Has Already Left the Station! The Analytics Train Has Already Left the Station!


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