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2006-2007 Science Policy Task Force


    -- To investigate the feasibility of ASA's formally entering the science policy arena (i.e., providing input to decision makers on matters that affect science and technology of national and global interest for which our discipline may speak with authority), and if feasible, develop a plan and justification for such action.

    -- To extend ASA activities in public policy, particularly in the science policy arena so that ASA can exert greater influence on national research directions.

    Background: Statistics as a discipline can provide a credible foundation for decision and policy making under uncertainty. As such, our profession is ideally suited to play a leading role in influencing science policy. However, we need an improved understanding of how policy and science come together and the role of statistical sciences in that interface. We need to review the actions of other professional societies that are involved in science policy (e.g., their goals, models, outcomes, successes, and experiences) in order to help ASA determine whether it should be involved in science policy either acting independently or in a consortia with other societies. We also need to understand the government's science agenda and to actively engage key federal agencies (e.g., NSF, NIH, DARPA, DOEnergy, DOEducation, EPA, DoD). One objective would be to promote funding for statistics research, education, and development.

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