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SAMSI Opening Workshop on Computational Methods in Social Sciences

Event Dates: Sunday  August 18 - Thursday  August 22
City: Research Triangle Park   State: North Carolina   Country: USA
Event Type: Workshops & Seminars ASA Sponsored: No
The SAMSI program on Computational Methods in Social Sciences is built around three major themes: Social Networks; Agent-Based Modeling; and Statistical Methodology for Censuses and Surveys. The purpose of the Opening Workshop is threefold: (a) to provide a series of tutorial lectures aiming to introduce the major research themes in the field to graduate students and other newcomers to the topic; (b) a series of focused research sessions highlighting current developments, (c) the formation and initial meetings of Working Groups which will meet weekly through the year of the program. Sunday, August 18, will feature five tutorial lectures by leading participants in the field. Topics will cover the three main areas of the program and the related mathematical and statistical methodology. Monday-Wednesday we will have five research sessions, each consisting of two or three talks followed by discussion. Wednesday working groups will be formed. Thursday will include initial meetings of the working groups at SAMSI.
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