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ASA PR Campaign Launched

ASA PR Campaign Launched The ASA public relations campaign—designed to increase interest in the field of statistics and recruit the next generation of statisticians—has launched. The "This is Statistics" campaign will educate students, parents, teachers, and counselors about the abundant and well-paying career opportunities in statistics. The informational website features videos of "cool" statisticians doing interesting work, career and salary information, sectors that employ statisticians, and an interactive map of select organizations across the world at which statisticians work. We encourage ASA members to share the website link with friends and colleagues, follow the latest news on Twitter, find additional information on Facebook, and view campaign videos on YouTube. The more we spread the word, the more we can correct the frustrating misconceptions about statistics. Contact Jeff Myers with your questions or comments.

Science Magazine Appoints Statistical Review Board

Science magazine has appointed a new statistical board of reviewing editors (SBoRE)–composed of prominent members of the statistical community–that will help address reproducibility issues and improve the statistical rigor of papers the magazine publishes. SBoRE members will review the data analysis in papers selected for publishing and recommend whether the analysis warrants further scrutiny by a statistical expert in the given field. If so, SBoRE members will recommend one or more independent expert reviewers and provide a summary of the statistical issues that warrant a closer examination. Read this Amstat News article.

ASA White Papers Explain Statistics Impact on National Research Priorities

The ASA has released three white papers detailing how statisticians and statistical science are vital to advancing three federal scientific research priorities: the Big Data Research and Development Initiative, BRAIN Initiative and climate change. Primary audiences for the papers are the White House Office of Science and Technology (OSTP), National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal agencies involved in these research priorities. "The white papers detail how statisticians are vital partners in advancing science with their expertise in experimental design, inference and uncertainty quantification," said Science Policy Director Steve Pierson. Read more at this Amstat News piece or the ASA press release.

Winner of Free ASA Membership

Winner of Monthly Drawing for FREE ASA Membership Congratulations to Federico Campigotto, winner of the June drawing for FREE ASA membership.


Other Recent Headlines

Peter Thall Wins 2014 Don Owen Award

The 2014 Don Owen Award, given by the San Antonio Chapter of the American Statistical Association, was presented to Peter Thall March 21 at the Conference of Texas Statisticians by the chapter vice president, Jesús Cuéllar Fuentes. Read the full announcement.

TAS Special Issue: Statistics and the Undergraduate Curriculum

The American Statistician editorial team announces the development of a special issue of TAS focused on issues related to undergraduate programs in statistics and statistical science. The issue will include a mix of invited and submitted papers. Although an emphasis will be placed on articles suitable for Teachers Corner and Statistical Computing and Graphics, the team also will consider articles for Statistical Practice, History Corner, and Interdisciplinary. Read more.

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