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Inaugural Leadership Challenge a Success

Part of Past President Lisa LaVange’s 2018 Leadership Institute initiative was to establish the Leadership Challenge for teams of outstanding students and early-career professionals. The first Leadership Challenge was a tremendous success!

For this inaugural event, the teams were challenged to develop ideas for growing and sustaining the ASA’s membership. Teams worked for months with an experienced coach and participated in a series of professional development webinars, culminating in a presentation at the ASA Board meeting in April of 2019.

From left: Khuzaima Hameed, Lin Dong, Eric Rose, Yeng Saanchi, Anna Nevius, Keltin Grimes,
Evidence Matangi, Hannah Weeks, Barry Nussbaum, Lisa LaVange, and Donna LaLonde

All participants did a fantastic job communicating their ideas, and the board plans to implement elements of all three teams’ plans.

Cultivating the next generation of ASA leaders is crucial to the future of our profession and society. Donations from members help make that future possible. Financial contributions offset travel costs for the teams to participate in this program and fund the workshops that make them better leaders, helping us bring powerful opportunities to diverse groups of up-and-coming statisticians and data scientists.

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