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Authorized Use of PSTAT® Mark

The marks PSTAT® and ACCREDITED PROFESSIONAL STATISTICIAN® are owned by the ASA and all use of the marks inure to the ASA’s benefit. The member derives no rights in the marks from use. Once the member is not in good standing, all use of the marks must cease immediately and any materials bearing the marks must be destroyed.

Accredited members in good standing (currently accredited, membership current, required fees paid) may use the designation PSTAT® after their names in any of the following forms:

  1. John Doe, PStat® (preferred use except for displaying the PSTAT® mark in Canada)
  2. Jane Doe, PStat® (ASA) (for use by those displaying the mark in Canada, to distinguish it from accreditation by the Statistical Society of Canada)
  3. PSTAT® may be substituted for PStat® in either of the above

The formats P.Stat., P.Stat, or P-Stat (or variants with uppercase letters) are not approved and should not be used, with or without the trademark symbol ®.

Accredited members in good standing may use the PStat® logo in accordance with the ASA graphic standards.

Accredited members in good standing may also refer to themselves individually as an Accredited Professional Statistician®. This is a professional title and should be used with initial capital letters or in all caps, with the “®” superscript following.

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