ASA K–12 Statistical Ambassador

Christine Franklin is the inaugural ASA K–12 Statistical Ambassador. She provides leadership in the creation and presentation of professional development materials for teacher educators and teachers, presents at national conferences, conducts workshops, collaborates with ASA chapters to enhance their education initiatives, and assists in outreach to the STEM education community.

Franklin is a recognized leader in K–12 statistics education. She is the lead author of the GAISE Pre-K–12 and SET reports, a proponent of the inclusion of increased statistics content in the Georgia K–12 standards, a recent Fulbright Scholar focusing on statistics education in New Zealand, an ASA Founders Award recipient, a former AP Statistics chief reader, a recent member of the presidential initiative workgroup to provide career information to AP and other K–12 teachers, and past chair of the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability. She also has authored or co-authored two textbooks and numerous articles and book chapters related to K–16 statistics education. Finally, she was a key member of the National Science Foundation–funded LOCUS project, chairing the committee that developed statistical assessment items for grades K–9.

Current leadership roles for the K–12 ambassador include the following:

  • Liaise with the Joint ASA/NCTM Committee on Curriculum in Probability and Statistics for Grades K–12
  • Serve as managing editor for the new, open resource, peer-reviewed online journal Statistics Teacher
  • Assist with developing a textbook in statistics for teacher educators, supported by the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee
  • Advise the writing team for a statistical modeling book, supported by the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee
  • Write for the NCTM document Catalyzing Change: Initiating Critical Conversations
  • Facilitate review teams for policy documents of other STEM organizations
  • Serve as member of the Career and AP SAT High School Committee
  • Assist the ASA education staff with planning and presenting webinars
  • Assist with facilitating a collaboration between the Joint ASA-NCTM Joint Committee and New Zealand Statistical Association Education committee
  • Co-chair (with Anna Bargagliotti) the writing team for updating the Pre-K–12 GAISE Framework
  • Present at national conferences for K–12 teachers and teacher educators
  • Provide professional development workshops for K–12 teachers and teacher educators
  • Collaborate with chapters on education initiatives
Are you interested in collaborating with the ASA K–12 statistical ambassador? We are especially encouraging chapters to get involved in providing local workshops and K–12 education initiatives. For more information, contact Chris Franklin.)