From our technical journals to our general-interest magazines to our guidelines for K–12 teachers, there is something for everyone with an interest in statistics.


The ASA publishes or co-publishes 17 journals focusing on statistics in business and economics, biopharmaceutical research, agriculture, biology, the environment, sports, surveys, and so much more.


The ASA publishes CHANCE, Amstat News, and Significance magazines. Amstat News is the monthly membership magazine, whereas CHANCE and Significance are geared toward a general audience interested in using statistics and data to advance society.


The JSM Proceedings encompasses papers presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings in addition to several other conferences sponsored by the ASA or its sections. ASA members can access proceedings by logging into their ASA Account. Nonmembers may purchase access to the proceedings from 2017 to 2021.

Guidelines and teaching resources for K–12 and undergraduate classrooms can be found in the ASA’s education publications section. Authors include those at the top of statistics education.

Many ASA membership types include access to our publications. Membership types that do not include free access are entitled to significant discounts.

Institutions, including academic statistics departments, are invited to subscribe to our publications.


To obtain permission to reprint an article from one of the ASA’s journals, please contact Taylor & Francis. To obtain permission for items other than ASA journal articles, please contact [email protected].